Sunday, January 20, 2013

MOVED IN - Advice on buying furniture.

Hi all!

So we are all moved in....

Except for my cats that I have to get at my mom's house today.

I sit here surrounded by box upon box and can't find a damn thing!! Kids need to toaster today and I cannot find the right box............gesh.

So this AM I decided to sit my butt down this Sunday morning and do my Sunday morning ritual which is blog my sunday paper which I did with my mom every Sunday morning and today she is not here so it's kinda bitter sweet.

Much more to do today....but needed a distraction, hubby and kids still asleep...

Guess what.........I bought tooo much furniture...........LOL....really.......!!  Who does that???


And my living room configuration is just NOT right!!  We can't get comfy in here?

Anytime anyone takes a shower or flushes a toilet anywhere in the house you can hear it........wish I would have done with others had done and put up more insulation............


Love Love my bedroom and bathroom and kitchen, but see I tend to focus on the negative, I know this about my self, so I had to mention that I am pointing out some negatives but so many more positives!

Ok, I don' t think I can sit here much longer, it's 7:52am and I should be getting some stuff done, but crap I can't have my oatmeal , microwavenot  installed yet and I have no idea how far the closest grocery store is.......LOL.......really I don't know this area much at all........

Good luck all...............I'll be around, I need the distraction for my sanity.


  1. LOL! Good luck unpacking and getting settled in! Hope you find your toaster and the grocery store!

  2. Haha DW! How do you not know where the store is?

    I've refrained from furniture purchases, but I'm itchin at the bit to get blinds and curtains. I just can't decide what I want yet. I'll be like M and some others... Bare windows for a year after we move in :)

    Good luck with the toaster! Send photos after you're settled!

  3. We were pleasantly surprised to see that our family room sectional fit better than we thought it would. We didn't buy much for furniture because we were afraid of things not fitting so now we have a lot of extra room.

    And we've been lucky so far... the only thing we can't locate is the Xbox.

    Good luck finding the toaster and the grocery store! =)

  4. Dw, the insulation comment makes me laugh. We did sneak in (not really sneak, our PM clearly saw the extra insulation) and add insulation in our sons room andefia room,,, but didn't think to add to master toilet closet... Priorities, right? So we also hear toilet flushing BUT, our son can't hear the tv.. Lol.

    1. OK, you have to tell me more about adding more insulation. When in the process do you do it? Do you ask your PM first? How do you know what type of insulation to buy?

    2. Ok. It's all about timing. And YES our PM did know it was a possibility that he would come in one morning and see extra insulation. When we did our pre-drywall meeting, we saw that there wasn't insulation on any inside walls and found out RH does not insulate those. Only exterior walls. We asked about doing it ourselves at night. Basically he said he can't "ok" it but if it's done, he won't rip it out. Actually the insulation guy was there and he said to decide which walls and measure between the studs. Ours were 24" on center so we bought 2 packages and a staple gun. It was SO easy and took less than an hour. But, you need to know if/when an insulation inspection will be done because you want to wait until that's over. The timing issue is critical because you also need to do it before the drywall guys start. We had one night to go in and do it. It may seem like a hassle the BEST decision. My sons room is warm and quiet! And our media room is nearly sound proof! (sorry for long response)

    3. It wasn't that long, but very informative. Too late for us now, but it's always good when more info gets out

  5. This is why I love these blogs. I find out some good information. I have not purchased furniture YET but did go looking for stuff for the walls today. I just can't imagine bare walls, LOL!

    Glad to know that I should put in some additional insulation. Now I need to know how much, what kind, when to put it in and where!

    1. Pinkrage I bought quite a bit a accent furniture and half of it I have to return or put in the basement...LOL

      It's so easy to get carried away, esp since it was Xmas time and killer deals, I couldn't control myself!!

  6. DW, I can relate to the bitter sweet feeling!!!! We are between both places because I gave us some breathing room to turn in the keys to our apartment on February 18. We don't plan to sleep there ever again. LOL However, all my things are there until the BIG MOVE! So I am back and forth to pick up small things I need but I notice this strange feeling--the apartment represents our year long journey. *sigh*

    btw--for inquiring minds: you can also insulate the garage door itself. So if you are thinking about insulating the entire garage--don't forget the door. You can find it at Home Depot or Lowes and it's very easy to do. ; )

  7. Nadase, did you insulate your garage too? Damn mine is sooo cold, but its gonna hit single digits here and hubby really wants to do it, he is going to get the blown in insulation and just add that to the garage, from what I can understand you just drill holes into the drywall and rent a machine that blows insulation into your already drywalled areas...we are going to experiment with garage first...

    btw, I can hear everyone ounce of water that hits the floor of the shower in the living room...hubby says all houses are like that, I just notice it now..

    Nadase, how do you insulate the garage door??

  8. DW - Thomas@Ravennaspeed has a good article on Garage Door Insulations and it's great, I did so to my Garage and it's not exactly Toasty.. but it's better.

    I too wanted furniture before the closing, I think best thing we did was measure the space.. use Newspaper to mark off the area for the furniture and we were able to see the layout.

    Hey, Yard sales are a great place to sell extra Furniture!!

  9. We didn't want to buy furniture until after the move. Not only is it more effort, time and expense to move it, but there's a much higher chance that either the furniture or the the home (leaving or arriving ) will be damaged. It took us a couple weeks to get our couches picked and delivered, I'm so glad we finally have them but I'm also glad we waited.

  10. DW... I saw your comment on another blog about your dishwasher leaking. Ours leaked too, dripping a puddle on the floor down from the front corner on the side about the 3rd time we used it, but I noticed there is a straight gasket at the inside bottom of the door that wiggles a bit, I slid it back and made sure it was centered, and we've been using the dishwasher for 3 more weeks with no more trouble so far. If your trouble is similar it may be a quick and easy fix. Good luck!