July 22, 2012      Meet for first time with our SR at our community Model Home

July 28, 2012     Signed Agreement with Ryan


1            Made more Ryan Selections

2            Rusmur Flooring meeting and selections

6             Meet with NVR Mortgage at the Model

11           Our 14 day limit on any structural changes

13            Guardian Meeting at the Model

14            Electrical Meeting with SR

17             Put our Home up FOR SALE

20             SOLD OUR HOME (3 DAYS)

27             Our 30 days limit to make an selection changes

18        NVR Approved (took 43 days)

19        Pre-Construction Meeting


1              Staked out Lot

4              BROKE GROUND

8              Another Meeting with my PM about misc things

16            Poured Footers (12 days no progress from breaking ground)

17            Gravel placed on Lot

18             Closing on OLD House.........SOLD

19              Forms arrive on the site

22              Forms get filled with concrete from pumper truck

23              Forms are removed, we have solid basement walls, more gravel delivered, 
                  Egress Window installed.

26             Foundation filled in, gutters put into place.

29-30        Hurricane Sandy arrives.....delayed.      

30             Lumber arrives (Day 24)


7              Framing Begins - 1st floor

8              Second Floor Finished

9              Windows installed (Day 34 since breaking ground)
12           Roof gets put on

13           Basement was poured

14           Locked in our rate per our PM


Here I slacked in my timeline sorry....



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  2. Hello! We are building a Ravenna model in VA and I have began following Ryan Homes bloggers for ideas and what not. Love your blog thank you so much for sharing. So according to this timeline they built your house in 2.5 months!??

  3. HAPPY SUNDAY! You are the lucky random winner of my first giveaway!!! Yaaaay! Please email me to confirm your delivery preference!

    1. Yeah!!! Wooo Hoot!! I never win anything, and I mean anything, I am super excited, I screamed, my hubby thinks I'm crazy. But I don't know how to email you directly? My email is dlk1613@aol.com. Thanks so much Eboni, how completely cool!