Sunday, October 11, 2015

Outdoor Gable Patio Roof (LOTS OF PICS) finished underneath and stained by HAND

We had the Amish build the Patio Roof about 1.5 years ago and just never got around to finishing the underneath like we really wanted to.

We finally did it, we needed scaffolding as the ceiling is approx, 15 feet tall,  I believe,  and is a 16x20 in length and wide, a large area.

We wanted the underneath to have a rich design to it so we opted to do it ourselves.

We needed 70 planks of 12 foot sections of pine, tongue and groove, and we stained and clear coated each and every one of those suckers, took much longer than anticipated. OH, and be sure to do this BEFORE YOU INSTALL ON THE CEILING.

Also installed a ceiling fan, mainly to keep the bugs away.

Also installed AZEK crown molding, and inside the crown molding is LED rope lights that have like 16 vary of  colors and chase each other too,  and its so pretty.  Such an awesome look and we are so happy the outside area is finally done :)WE got those at Costco for a steal.

Well landscaping is never really DONE in my eyes, I just love to play in the dirt and plants lots of stuff.

My photo skillz have dropped off and pics aren't  as clear from beginning to end, but your get the jist of it.  Here are a ton of pics, and some misc updated pics of our home.

I have an unbelievable husband with super manskillz, always so proud of him :)

Above, my son starting the first rows of pine.

Above, before the planks go up.

Every cut counts.

Scaffolding was a MUST.

Cant be afraid to pull away that siding.
Above, the installed AZEK crown molding.

Above, finished, love it, Pine done, fan done, crown done, lighting done, Hope to fit some pics in tonight and take pics with the lighting.

Kept that grass green all summer. Watered the heck out of it everyday.

Above, side of the house.

First year for the roses on this side, they are going to be awesome in a few years.

Sitting wall area. and TV.

Here, you can see some of the lighting.

Foyer and view from my Study.


Above, my abundance of landscaping, and of course the lovely attached shed, that looks like the house.

Exposed aggregate concrete patio.

Above, we are going to add those LED lighting on top of the cabinets too, for elegant lighting.

Love of my life, Nemmerz :)


  1. I definitely have patio envy!!! LOVE the roof! You guys did such a great job and it must be so satisfying to know you did it yourselves.

    I also have a bit of grass envy since you were able to keep yours green all summer. I really think our grass is not very tolerant of the heat because it turns brownish in the summer regardless of how often we water/fertilize it. There's only one person in the neighborhood that keeps green grass all summer and he had sod installed several years ago, so at least we aren't the only ones with the brownish grass. Since it's cooled down a bit our grass is bright green again though.

    In the picture with the siding pulled away... do you normally have a screen of some kind over that exhaust vent? If not, you might want to get a bird guard to go over it. The wind must have blown our screen off of our powder room vent and we didn't realize it until we started hearing something scratching around in our family room wall! A bird had gotten behind the little flapper thing into the vent tube and started building a nest. The nest was so compacted in the vent tube that we had to cut a hole in our powder room ceiling and our family room ceiling/bulkhead in order to get it out. After that we installed the bird guard covers on all of our vents!

  2. Wow! My husband and I built our Savoy L (the garage is in the front of the dining room) in 2006. I love seeing all of the new ideas! After almost nine years in our home, we want to redo some things. I love your dark kitchen cabinets as well as that gorgeous patio roof! Lovely home! - Nicole from Ohio

  3. This is just super awesome all the way around. The roof and ceiling fan is amazing and to know you guys did it is just a huge cherry on top! Like the inside, your outside space is so inviting! Job very well done!

  4. I think it was a bad idea showing this to my wife.... :-) But we have been debating on whether we would build a deck or pour a concrete patio, I really like how yours has turned out so we might end up doing something similar. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Matt, so glad you like it. I also was a DECK person, hubby had to talk me into the patio, YUP he was RIGHT, I love it. You have so much more space you can expand upon and no railings to hold you back. Good Luck, let me know how your space turns out.

  5. Hi, fellow ryan home owner, and just found your blog. Love what you have done. I lack the skills you have and love your outdoor space.

    If you don't mind, could you share why you chose concert patio vs. pavers? I am trying to decide which way to go. I have heard concretes crack and I am in Delaware so we do have our winters.
    Also, if you don't mind sharing the cost of just the patio, i would have some idea.
    I would love to finish our basement, but can't do DIY and the contractors I have talked to all have been quoting $20,000 plus.