Attaching a Shed to your home.

OK, so this was a previous post but has been very popular with questions.

In our community our lots are not huge.

If you want to build a shed it must be 15 feet off your property line.

That does not work for most of us in our plan.

3 of us neighbors in a row together and had the Amish build our sheds attached to our homes............all in a row..LOL...within in days!

The name of the company that did it is an Amish Crew.

MNW Construction
5950 South Windsor Road
Middlefield Ohio 44062

Mark Wengert

You can call them during business hours, do not call on weekends.

They have a very LARGE working area, so if you live in PA, OHIO, W. V. give it a try maybe.

It is the same group who did our patio roof and are very happy with their work.

We love how it turned out, we all did something slightly different.  I won't take pics of their homes for obvious reasons. But Mark is awesome at listening to your ideas and will give his own as well.

Here are before and after pics, dont mind the clutter, that has to go in shed, I have not updated pics.

Everyone keeps asking about price point. I rather not display that info, but folks it was CHEAPER than a free standing shed!! You will be surprised at the pricing of this company.

Footers poured on afternoon, next afternoon job was COMPLETE.


Added the shed elminates all the junk in that back corner that takes away from the look of the fireplace.

see how that space is perfect for "something" right? But then after I thought, oh crap, we could have extended the morning room instead after I saw how damn easy they build, in one day of course!! 

Here she is...... the newest addition the 16 feet long and 8 feet deep and 12 feet high attached shed!! There is sheetrock inside that is fire rated and was needed for inspection. Perfect for hanging tons of shelves and racks.

I'm embarrassed of all the junk! Anyhow, I chose the windows to blend with the house and it worked out perfect! I can't get over how well it blends. 

They pulled off the existing siding,

 insulated and put up drywall inside

installed the two windows (i bought)

installed the door 36 wide(i bought)- lawnmover and snowblower does fit through this door.

, then reused the siding to finish the job! Ta Da!!

Also two 4 foot footers had to be poured for inspection.

The floor is wood NOT concrete, you can get concrete it was just an added expense, one of the other neighbors did concrete it looks great but added $1200 to the project.

Ours is to code, proper treated lumber was used and is partially raised of the ground with stone underneath to avoid and insects.

They were able to simply tap into the existing gutter system.

In the distance you can see the neighbors doing the double doors (not installed yet) on the side instead of a single door, that couldn't be helped in this pic. Sorry neighbors. We chose to do the single door for the looks of it, we wanting it to blend and also its 36" wide

I could not be happier with the way it blends into the house!  I asked hubby if this could be my "garden room", I guess I'll get a "small" section, we will see just where this section is...LOL...back right corner under the circular saw right?..LOL.

So..I am thinking about making a small path with stone( or pavers) from the patio to the door on the other side and putting small landscaping in front of the shed along the pathway. Any thoughts you guys?

Again, embarrassed about the clutter, Amish guys had just left and I couldn't wait to take pics and share! All the crap will be GONE! (is gone now)

I hope I am trying to answer some questions, I will attempt to post more interior pics today.


  1. Nice!! I'm showing hubby this post. Haha. I don't think it would work for us though because one side of our morning room will be a double door & the other side has the optional extra windows. Love your paver patio too. I'm so afraid that after all the upgrades I want any outdoor space will have to wait until after 2016 tax refund. Lol

    1. Sterling, ya the shed wont work for you if you have either windows or doors on both sides of your morning room.
      The patio was a MUST for me, I love to be outside and do landscaping, i was like super depressed without one. We moved in in Jan and had this patio portion done by May/June. We did it even before they gave us seed. It took Ryan until late June to give us seed in our dirt lot.