Thursday, January 17, 2013

Carpet Update - RH and Rusmur made good :)

I am writing to you guys in my new gorgeous kitchen.

Fios just came out and get me connected with the world.

I thought ya'll would like to know update on carpet...

My PM's and a big wig from Rusmur Floors came out the house today to look at the seams.

They are going to fix most of the seams and replace the study carpet, the one with the funky swirls with updgraded carpeting too...woo hoo......due to my request of course because a few very unnoticable seams could not be changed so since not all seams are exactly perfect they are going to give me upgraded carpet in my study........I'll take that comprise...only a few really bothered me and that rug is being re

I am 100% happy and as usual my PM's did right by me :)

It's my SR that day that said................"nothing"...still surprised me that reaction,  I should have know better my PM's have always done right by me.

One came today to clean my foyer chandalier himself!!  And help my hubby bring in the that is SERVICE...........

Wow, happy camper here.

Love me home, happy Rusmur and RH made my carpets right...

Hope to post pics soon, gotta run and do.......ya house stuff, up and down steps 2000X

Love my home, be in touch soon

Congrats M on your closing, go enjoy!!!


  1. I have been waiting to hear this. I am so glad they are going to remedy this for you. Now you can truly enjoy your house, without worrying about those darn seams....

  2. Good for you. Makes me feel better too about the RH customer service should we run into a problem. Most of what I've seen is that RH really bends over backwards to make everything at least as good as you wanted it if not better. It's part of the benefit of dealing with a huge company: 1) They want to keep up their quality image, they have stockholders to please; 2) They have big enough budgets that they can afford to make minor upgrades here and there to please customers, unlike small guys who have very thin margins and not a lot in the bank to back themselves up. Enjoy the house!

  3. I'm so glad they made things right. Can't wait for pics! :)

  4. I bet you are so relieved! I am relieved for you! Now go and relax in your new home! :)

  5. I am happy they came through, Ryan has taken a lot of hit lately but it seems they always make it right. I think SR's should be evaluated too just like the PM's.

  6. So glad it all worked out and you got an upgrade!

  7. Really happy they came up with a good solution for you!

  8. I'm so glad that they made things right with your carpet!!! Now you can get back to enjoying your new home!

    I hear you about the 2000 times up the steps and my back is killing me... but it's all so worth it! =)

  9. YAY DW, I see you smiling!! Thank goodness they handled this for you and you are satisfied!!!!!

    It's funny, since we have been in the house I keeping telling myself this is great exercise because I don't know how many times I have been back and forth up those steps. AND, like M has said, it is so worth it!!

    BTW--I keep looking at my carpet in the basement because it looks weird but our PM and hubby keeps saying it's just the way it was vacuumed. Really??

  10. good to hear that they are taking care of it!

  11. Congrats! I'm glad that your floor situation is no longer a pain in your side. Man, I'm have Fios. We are stuck with stinky Comcast. Enjoy the moment of getting settled. Now the fun begins for making your house a home.