How to do Outdoor Fireplace, patio and gable roof.

This is for Jess Jess,

It took us a lot of research to do the fireplace.

The patio was easy of course we just hired someone. We wanted a covered space and an uncoverspace, so that is why we basically made the patio large with one portion under cover.  That undercover portion is over our living room area NOT our morning room because with our natural lighting if we did the roof over the morning room it would have blocked out all natural lighting for the back side of our home.

Before they poured the patio you have to  decide where you wanted your roof because you have to pour footers underneath the patio to support your roof posts. ( contact your building inspector, he wants to see these footers in place) So keep that in mind where you want your roof posts to sit on the patio or even outside of the patio if you really wanted, but we felt it looked more finished with posts being on the patio.

We went with 2 posts for the roof it is 16 wide by 20 long. And asked that the 3rd post be eliminated, we didn't like the look, so they had to beef up the roof to eliminate that third post.  Some contractors would NOT do that but we hired an Amish company who blew all other contractors of the water re prices and workmanship and did exactly what we wanted.

Also with the gable roof, we went with the open concept at the end of the gable which also lets in more light, some people prefer to finish it and fill it in, we liked it open...(let me know if this does not make sense to you).

Now for the fireplace.

We researched it to death!!

If you hire someone, that will cost you about $12,000 or more to do what we did!!  Our costs was prob about $3000 just for the fireplace not the sitting walls.

It's a lot of work...but well worth it.

Ok so we did lots of internet research and local contractors and none really knew what we wanted.

We finally came across a local landscaping company, Lincoln Way Supply Landscaping in Monroeville, PA and they had soo many models of fireplaces and outdoor kitchen and sitting walls and tons of choices at the store outside, I was blown away. I had never seen such a large display in such a small town.

We picked the fireplace we liked and the owner gave us typed up directions, blueprints and ordered exactly what we needed to built this fireplace and sitting walls. We did NOT have to do the calculating he did.

You will need a Chop Saw with a diamond cut blade on it. Harbor Freights it was $70 for the saw, and the blade is another $70, but you cant do it without this tool.

The name of the stone is Unilock Brussels System the color is Sierra.

Depending on your fireplace the count of each on of these will differ of course.

You will need Brussel Dimension stones $4.35 each.
You will need Brussel Double Full nose $8.10 each
You will need Brussel Full nose $8.10 each
You will need Brussel Pillar caps $100 each (that is on the pillars) Large.
And the fireplace insert is the kicker ..$1,113. You need that insert, that is what you build around.
You can choose to have natural wood or gas burning or propane.

Adhesive that is used to glue to block together $3 tube. You will need lots.

You can pick from an array of colors of stone.

Tips and Tricks.

It's real easy to place the bricks ON TOP OF YOUR PATIO!

If you go outside on the patio, we will have to dig out the dirt a bit, place down rock and tamp it until it's level and place your first row very level and build on top of that. We did do that route, I wanted more patio space and it looks awesome, now the sitting wall on the covered portion we did ON the patio and that was a cake walk, it was the patio and a straight wall.

The sitting walls are 5 rows high.

Tips and Tricks.

Our sitting walls are curved and each stone required a cut, which took hubby about an hour a row or more, each stone needed cut.

IF you go with a straight wall and on the concrete patio, its super easy requires very little cutting and can be done in a few hours and DONE.  If you like the curve look it will take a couple days and requires many many cuts.

As far as the fireplace, I suggest you contacting Lincoln Way Supply Landscaping in Monroeville, PA and speak with Jay, super nice guy super helpful and can set you up with an outdoor fireplace, even if you live much further than us, I am sure he can send you in the right direction.

the Stone Co. Unilock may also provide some directions for the fireplace but I know you have to go through a supplier to get them, you wont find them on the internet.

TIP design outdoor space before you start the patio envision where you want your fireplace to be and if you want a curved sitting wall or straight sitting wall.

Make the patio about a foot larger than you want to to accomodate for the the sitting walls on the concrete patio, this will take up more room than you think of your patio, so give yourself MORE room than you think you will need.

Tricks for the fireplace, you can only go so  high and stop (oh did I mention lots of cuts going on there, it will take about a week to do) then you must wait for the block and adhesive to dry before you continue.  You must have a good solid foundation underneath you before you keep stacking up the blocks or else it will lean.  Make sure each row is always level before you continue.

Stagger the block when building both wall and fireplace.. I think that's obvious.

It was a good learning experience and you are proud when you are done!!  Please let me know if this was helpful or anything else you may need!

Let me know if you decide to go in this direction.

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  1. Thanks for this! I will definitely be checking out Lincoln Way!