Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Stone Mountain Clay Siding Picture -LaCava Brick


I found a pic of the Stone Mountain Clay Siding that will be on the side of our home, we have a brick front.


Thankfully!!! Its not orange or pink in the real world as opposed to a little swatch you pick out in the showroom.  I have to tell you though my BFF of an SR made us take our selections outside which was such a good suggestion...

Dont we all get so excited when you find something we had chosen and we LOVE it in the real world!!

ON ANOTHER GOOD NOTE, I had to stop out at our Sales Model Home(Oakmont) to do more signing of stuff and we went over across street to the EXACT Savoy model as ours currently being built , (well reversed model)...BUT....its nearly done, as we LOVE it so much, we have never seen our exact model, so how very nice to walk in and say............ahhhhhh i LOVE it...good choice.....you walk around and say....Hmmm this can go here, and that can go there....!!  My mom and boys went with me and they get so super excited as well. you need those UP moments to make it all worth it!!

ok, here is our brick color LA CAVA, (again this is  JeffersonModel...maybe??)....but in real life love the color of the brick....

A home in our current plan :)

Another pic I found of our granite........Santa Cecelia...

We feel we cant go wrong with this tile since our wedding coordinator in the Riviera Maya was Cecilia and we loved her.........so we knew this was our right choice.............also our SR suggested it and I trust her :)

Now here is pic that inspires my lighting idea above the island. (again not my model)  I love the 3 pendant lights and even the style of them, so we can configured the island to look like this......

See that overhang of Granite into the morning room with two chairs, this is the element that was super important to me and was misunderstood in our preconstruction meeting, so I am waiting on a answer regarding that overhang of granite into the morning room and what will come of it....

Our carpeting in the living room....................so modern!!!  Dont know the name...right now.


Ok, I swore I wouldnt do this, but here I am taking pics of furniture, its an accent table at Costco for $150 ...good deal, awesome quality large piece 72 inches tall, 19 deep.....not sure where I want to put it, but it will go somewhere.......LOL...if its still there tonite, im getting it and Hubby will KILL me...LOL

This week I am waiting on a call from my PM since the lot is suposed to be staked out this week, he doesnt do email, so he will be calling.....Hmmm.....little things that excite me!!

LASTLY.......................( I COULDNT SPIN PIC AROUND)

Be thankful....... be positve, my two little plaques that sit on my window ledge........to remind me at all times!


  1. The Stone Clay Mountain siding is always a great choice, and it never gets old! It's simple horizontal pattern takes away all the fancy in it. Plus, you have a really good taste in the interior elements. I really love a looking at a house that says: "I may not look fancy on the outside, but I'm a stunner on the inside".3

    Aubrey Mullins

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