Nonstandard Requests Approved or Denied


We got a "Study" but decided NOT to pay for the French Doors priced at $800.

**Our PM is framing the Study to accept the French Doors and will order the doors for us after closing have it delivered for free for us to install...........cost $385.

**Flooring Company let us replace that Soap Dish in our tile shower with a Ledge.

**Driveway will be extended and we will pay the Asphalt company on the side to widen the driveway.

**Guardian letting us pay for some things outside of closing in payment form.

**Extended our kitchen island with an overhang.

**Closed off a wall in the kitchen for more cabinets and counter space, you would have to look at a Savoy blueprint to see the opening I am referring too.

**Overhang of granite into the Morning room for more seating.

**Flooring in kitchen will go clear up to the walls and not just up the cabinets, there will be flooring under our cabinets.

**SEAMLESS SHOWER, my biggie, I worked directly with our Glass Co. to pay them directly for an upgrade to a Seamless Shower in our Master Bath.  I am getting a credit toward the seamed shower and paying the difference, I took this on myself and bypassed the PM, so I did all the leg work and the glass co. got it approved, I think sometimes if you save the PM his time, he will approve it....

**3 Pendant lights above our Island in Kitchen.

**Moved fireplace switch on another wall away from fireplace.

**Get to go out a personally pick out our own Slab of Granite.


Asked to push back our house on the Lot to allow for a longer driveway.

Side Entrance garage...Denied!!

Concrete driveway.

**We were originally denied, but sure enough another Savoy in our neighborhood finished with a concrete driveway........I asked why?  Guess what, now we get a concrete driveway too :)


  1. This is awesome DW! I am so happy you got the seamless shower!! YAY!

  2. Nadase, can you believe it about the Seamless shower, we have to go out to the showroom and pick our shower...I wish I knew then what I know now...I may try to contact our Asphalt company and see the difference in price between Asphalt and concrete driveway,maybe I can work some more magic..........I also wonder who does the tile work in our bathrooms? Would that be our flooring company who installs it?? I have unleashed the beast inside!! What can I say, I am living at Mom's house and need projects to challenge me... :)

  3. Oh my DW is a beast ! She gets a taste in her mouth and believe me she will not quit until her taste is satisfied ! COMPLETELY! You are a great wheeler & dealer girl !! Keep challenging !

  4. Do you mind if I ask why they denied the side entry garage? I will be building a home soon (not with RH) and will attempt this battle as well. My lot will be 85' wide, and no other home currently have a side entry. I expect to lose the battle. But widening around the side of the garage is a good idea.

  5. Hi Jeff, our lot was simply not wide enough! It sucks! Its an element that I think really adds to a home, instead of looking like a "garage"....good luck!!

  6. Would you be able to post pictures of your kitchen? I have a Savoy and did not get the island. I'm not regretting that. How do you feel about the spacing?

  7. Just curious how you were able to go to pick out your own granite slab? Who approved this for you? Did you still choose from the standard selections? Thanks!

    1. We found out who the granite company was. called them directly and asked if we could come take a look. Key is you have to go beyond Ryan, they dont want to deal with this little stuff and honestly you can just do IT yourselves ya know.? Same with our shower, I contacted them directly got some extra stuff paid them on the side, also with our flooring company got extras on the side. These companies will work with you as long as it does not SLOW down Ryan, everyone seems OK with it.

  8. Out of curiosity did all these requests charge you $250 a pop? We just made some requests & were charged. I don't think we get reimbursed but need to verify. Thanks for the tip on the French Doors. And love the overhang granite & island pendant ideas. I was also wondering about these. Was this extra? Great job!!

    1. Sterling I never paid a cent for any changes!! My PM was awesome though. Its been the post build that has been the most difficult.

      Once you pay that charge, NO, you will not get it back.

      We kinda made changes along the way. Like moving outlets and switches after our pre drywall walk thru, change from asphalt to concrete halfway through.

      The kitchen, pendant lights were done at the preconstruction meeting. French door opening as well at pre construction.

      We had also adding some recessed lighting and what not while electricians were installing it. Like I have said we were there everyday inside the home watching, so it enabled me to talk with the workers, most of the time they will just do as you ask, within reason, like moving an outlet two inches closer to the casing instead of in the middle of the wall certainly does NOT require a "request change".

      Oh and the pendant lights, were simply moving the lights centered over the island during installation, when there is no drywall its pretty easy. My PM centered them for us, they place recessed lighting that could be converted into pendant lights and we installed the pendants ourselves, super easy.

  9. Just left Guardian appt a few days ago. They told my husband that it had to be rolled into the mortgage. We are not happy about that because we only got about $800+ worth of stuff and would rather pay out of pocket. Any advice on how to request this? Thanks!

    1. Hi Sterling, glad to see you didnt get "spanked" by guardian, they really have a lot of "stuff" to offer for sure. I think our Guardian guy is kind of "shady" and did some things POST BUILD that SHOULD have been rolled into the mortgage. I think it really should have been rolled in, we just got lucky on that one, sorry not advice on this one Sterling, I'm sorry :(

  10. We would like to put in a dry wall or French doors into our living room to make this into a study (this option is not offered for our floor plan but is offered on another floor plan selling in the community that is very similar to ours. We were also told by our sales rep that others have done this with their living room after closing). Have you ever heard of RH approving a nonstandard request such as this? We are afraid they will say no since it is a more of a structural change.

    1. Potomac that is BASICALLY what we did, even though my room in a study....if you dont get the french doors , they dont frame it as such. So we did get the go ahead to get it framed to hold french doors.

      It didnt seem like a big deal at all...............its not structural, its just adding some 2x4's and framing it in to hold the doors. they did it lickey split, in fact they forgot about it when we did our predrywall walkthru, and simply made the opening smaller before they drywalled. Talk to your PM, we ordered our doors through our PM after closing so he know what doors we were getting and how big the opening needed to be. This is a really tiny request that honestly probaly shouldnt even need to be "recorded" if you ask me. Ours wasnt, but Im learning OUR PM was so awesome, he truly tried to make us completely happy.

      Ask, what can it hurt, and if your SR says no, ask your PM, if your PM says no, catch the framing guys and ask them.

      Good luck, its doable, let me know how it goes.