Tuesday, January 15, 2013



I did post a nice post for NVR today and how smooth our closing went.

We had done our pre settlement walk thru last friday and the carpet had been an issue previously.

We have atleast 7 seams..............7 seams upstairs.

I am willing to over look one........BUT 7!!!

Two times the carpet company has come out and I don't see a difference at all, I was hoping to walk in today and see it fixed.


So I decided to look beyond it and enjoy my home, which I did in the moment.

I did not call my PM's because today is Tuesday and they are in meetings.

We made 2 trips to the house today with small items and boxes for now, big move is Saturday.

I call this carpet graffiti.... How does this happen?  This was one of the seams...you can see the underlying seam and then.............what?  It's indented into the carpet, this is just one example I am posting!

Let's see what my PM says tomorrow....but I have a list of things too....

Huge Sigh and tears :(

(see my updated post, my PM's are great, and btw Rusmur had no idea what happened in the above pic, it's a mystery but getting replace with an upgraded carpet.)


  1. I'm sorry you are disappointed when you should be celebrating! Not cool that the SR seemed like she didn't care especially since you had a good relationship with her all along. That carpet definitely doesn't look like it belongs in a brand new home! =( I hope the PMs resolve the carpet issue and the remaining items on your punch list from your walk-through quickly so you can start enjoying your new home!

    1. M, am I overreacting? My mom says no and is so mad for me about the seams?

      Should there be seams?. I have never had seams in any of my carpet installs.......

      This just doesn't feel right at all to me...

    2. What you have looks like more than just a seam issue. What in the heck caused those indentations/patterns on the carpet? I am not sure why it was even installed because it looks like a mess and no I don't think you are over-reacting. You were told it would be taken care of and it wasn't. Like I said, I really hope they make this right quickly!!

      I don't recall seeing any seams at our house, but I will take a closer look tomorrow.

  2. Dw, I don't think you are overreacting at all. Those seams shouldn't be noticeable. I really hope they hear you and fix this. What a terrible way to remember your big, exciting, CLOSING day.

  3. You are not overreacting at all! You just spent a lot of time and money on your home and you should be 100% happy. Make sure RH hears about this, it is unacceptable. I can't believe your SR didn't even react! You SHOULD be celebrating, not worrying about the strange markings on your carpet. GOOD LUCK and don't stop until you get what you deserve!

  4. You are not overacting. Express your concerns to your PM and I am sure they will handle this issue. It does not look right.

  5. I would be hella pissed too! And now I see what you mean about wishing you had upgraded the carpet, I know that we will probably regret it as well but we only have it on the 2nd floor so I won't be too ashamed, but hopefully they fix it and when the house gets furnished and decorated, it will just distract you from the carpet :/ you can always replace carpet down the road. On a positive note, you HW's look beautiful!! Good luck!!

  6. DW - Don't let them steal your thunder!! What a horrible end to such a great day!!

    I'm trying to find out when Rusmur is coming to our house... should be this week - I need to express to my PM that this is not acceptable before it gets installed! I am super nervous about the quality of work they do!

    I hope RH stands up and fixes this (the right way) for you!! Keep us posted - because if they dismiss us all after closing - we need to let other know how important it is to get everything on the punch-list tackled prior to signing your name on the line...

    Thank you for the informational post! I know this is something others will find of value during their build process!!

  7. From what I was told there will be seams, but they shouldn't be that noticeable. I am so sorry that your day was marred. Hopefully they step up to the plate and fix it.

  8. I don't understand what those indentations are? Do they go away with a vacuum? In any event, I can't believe that someone else didn't notice that and fix it without being told. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone working in your home treated it as if it were their own? Does the flooring company know about this? Try to cheer up...the house is beautiful!

  9. We've been Rusmured... Just it happened before closing. I feel your pain DW!

  10. I don't see seams (but I know they are there) but those other indentations SHOULD NOT be there. You are not overreacting. It is clear the quality of workmanship is subpar as there should be absolutely NO SEAMS.

    Stick to your guns, I know you can make it happen!