Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Holy Sting BUGS!!

ALL over my house and my patio, I just love my patio time and we can not enjoy it due to so many sting bugs!!

You can't fight them because they just come flying right back at you and right now that are so active!!

They love to fly around my head and FREAK ME OUT!

I can't open my windows cause the get inside the house!

I know there is nothing you can do to get rid of them.

Or does someone know a real trick proven to work?


  1. My friend that works for a pest control company posted a message on Facebook saying if you have stink bugs, they have solutions. Might be worth contacting a pest control company to see what they can do.

    We recently got a contract with a pest control company because of crazy big spiders! I HATE those things... and these are big, ugly ones! At first I was just dealing with it because they were outside... but once it started getting cooler at night they started coming inside. NOT cool!

  2. Haha! I hate those things! They are on the outside of my screens. I have only seen one inside so far thankfully! I've heard they like water? Some people put bowls of water on a table and they land in it. I haven't tried this myself.....

  3. We just noticed that they are increasing by the day! I guess it's stink bug season!

  4. I Hate Them Too! We have these strange tiny bugs that tend to congregate on the garage post lights. We have had to keep the post lights off to prevent the bugs hanging out there. They showed up during the summer. I wish I knew what to do. I have to do some research. I love having my lights on in the front of the house but these bugs would race into the garage. Are you familiar with those bugs? Ugghh

    1. One bug I am not familiar with.... :(

      Nothing kills these sting bugs aside from a blow torch!! I have tried so many things on the market and nothing kills these damn things, I put pesticides on them and they just swim in the stuff, I just dont get it...........ive tried the water and various things and nothing works............NOTHING!!!