Thursday, June 13, 2013

Update on exterior stuff!

It's been since January since we moved in, but now I finally feel like I have a HOME.

Grass is growing because we have had LOTS of rain and little sun. Now the weed situation is out of control but I know this comes with the territory and we consider it our personal mission!

I have planted some flowers in our beds and looks more colorful......also we mulched ourselves all around the side of the house where the AC unit is and all that "junk" meters and whatnot....It's just mulch now, plants to come a little later..

FINALLY got the exterior part of the house PAINTED..woot woot.......I called the Painters myself and said "hey when are you coming to paint", they were unaware that our exterior had not been done, he said he would call me back, instead you showed up personally at the home the next morning to PROMISE me it would get done THIS WEEK, it was rain free yesterday, he showed up with like 5 guys and got it down...this contractor really cares about his reputation so I am glade once again I called MYSELF to get answers and within days it was DONE!!  Great job KPI Painting!

I also called the Landscaping company to come out and tie our trees they were tiltiing, got that DONE!

A lesson I learned LONG AGO, ask your PM first, if that doesn't work call the company yourself and you may be surprised at their response!


Exposed aggregate patio in the backyard since we had a flat walk out yard, two sections of pads connected a 16x21 and a 16x20 pad to be scheduled within a month we hope. Waiting on a word for start time.

Gable roof - 20 feet long and 16 feet wide over a portion of the patio and siting walls. We have to wait till beginning of September for that, they are really behind, that's OK I rather it done right.

Amish crew is building the Gable Roof, they beat out any contractor but $10,000.00 Yes you heard it...!! And they have done some amazing work in the area outside of RH homes, they do independent homes as excited the neighbors hired him also, got to see their work and neighbors passed along a valuable contractor!


Pics to come soon as my yard gets greener and greener.

Happy Post Building all :)


  1. Yay!! I'm so excited that you are finally comfortable with your house!! Your landscaping is beautiful!!! I haven't come up to see the paint yet! It has finally come together!!! Go you for bring your own advocate!!

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  3. Glad to hear about the progress. I didn't realize there would be many outstanding items post settlement. People in our community who built in winter waited for was driveways and sidewalks.

    So how do you get in touch with contractors directly? There are a few I'd like to have a few words with!

    Great tip about the Amish. They are doing a great job framing our house. We are considering building a shed strategically placed to block out the neighbor's backyard view into our house.. We should talk to our Amish crew to see if they can do such a thing later.

  4. Glad to hear your house is finally a home! Looks like the rain for your lawn will continue.

    Can't wait to read/see the progress on your upcoming projects.