Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Landscaping! Finally! Woo Hoo!! Booya!!

If you follow my blog at all, you know I've been dying for landscaping!!!

Here it is!  Seeded lawn, let the watering begin...

It's a starter kit with two birch trees, juniper shrubs, box bushes, azeleas, and some other little green thingies.....

No Holly requested!

Can't wait to put splashes of color and plants on the porch and my lil' statues and finally a wreath on my door, gotta keep up with the Jones'

Before landscaping and also before the fixed Transom Window above the door...
Ahhhh, after Transom Window and starter kit landscaping....sooo much better, I know it doesn't seem like much to ya'll but to me it's paradise!!! Finally it's a HOME.

Can't wait to add some color and some of my lil statues....Home Goods here I come!

Lot of Junipers..gesh...Soon a wreath on the door (Mom I need ya) and potted petunias...the WAVE kind :)

Ok fellow a ROCKHOUND!  It picks up large rocks  mostly..

Hope you see this RockHound in your yard too!!

The owner of the painting company came up to see me personally today instead of calling me....he is a real stand up guy... long story, anywayz, outside exterior painting will start early next week when the rain ends!! Rain just in time to feed this thirsty lawn :)


  1. Yay for landscaping!!!!! You have been waiting forever! It looks great! Love that dark mulch!! I'm so glad you don't have to wait any longer!!!!

  2. Looks great! Finally some landscaping, now you can truly enjoy your home!

  3. It's about freaking time, RIGHT! Lol so glad it finally came together!! Your yard looks FABULOUS !!

  4. About freaking time!!! I'm so glad you finally got your landscaping! Can't wait to see how you pretty it up! Enjoy the rain while it lasts... Watering will soon become your new reality! lol

  5. YAY! Finally!! It is amazing what a difference the landscaping makes! Hope your house is FINALLY feeling like a home!

  6. so glad something happened that you are EXCITED about ! :-)

  7. I think landscaping has to be one of the most exciting projects to finish on a new house. I hope you enjoy yours. Check ours out and let us know what you think.

  8. Your house looks awesome! I LOVE that brick color and the black and white trim/shutters look amazing against it. There's a house near me with the same color scheme and I'm always admiring it.