Thursday, June 20, 2013

Green but striving for greener - only 15 day in! PICS

We got our landscaping starter kit on June 5.

Today is June 20th, 15 days in.

I think I have done a lot.  I thought my grass was greener until I took pics and it's not as GREEN as it looks with my human eye...LOL

We had added my lil' garden statues and some flowers with color,a door wreath which I jumped on the band wagon, everyone seems to have one.

We got two Japanese Maple trees yesterday (ACER palatum Bloodgood).  Love them :)

Patio in back to arrive by 2nd week of July if weather cooperates of course.

Any tips on how to get this grass to grow faster or greener, it is going to be near 90degrees from now till all weekend with no rain, for everyone else that is GOOD for my new lawn, not so good :(

June 5th starting day.

JULY 20th, 15 days after seeding.

Not as GREEN as it looks to me with my naked eye...LOL. 15 days in.
Newly added corner to try to cover up utility boxes. New tree in corner of house.

Two new trees one on side of house other in back corner, which add more to back corner.

My mama make this for me :)

Any one out there with a grass growing miracle kit that can withstand constant sun and heat for days without rain????


  1. OMG! DW!! It is a joy and pleasure to see these pictures of your HOME! Everything looks fabulous!! You went through so much to GET here but you NEVER GAVE UP!! I LOVE THAT PERSISTENT FIGHT IN YOU!!


    1. Nadase, I guess your lawn is looking good then?? You have been kinda quiet, what's the news on your floors?

    2. The Scott's Natural Lawn Food really helped our grass in the front yard. We just reseeded the backyard and put down lawn food. I'll update if/when we see a difference.

  2. M's other half here. Your yard is looking good for only being a couple weeks old. I think if it was me I would probably gently pull the straw back and see if there is grass under it. Then I would gently rake it up reseed and feed then lightly cover with straw and water it every evening.

    1. Hi M's other half....thanks for the advice, that is what I have been doing, but all my friends and family tell me I need to give it time...LOL...I want green grass like yesterday !!

  3. I think your lawn looks great. My PM said it could take 2 summer seasons for the grass to fully come in. Don't know If that is the really the case or just him trying to stop us form complaining about how quickly the lawn started to brown-lol. I LOVE your wreath though. When we finally get in our house I am surely going to make one too!

  4. Love it! Can we get a video on how to make the wreath?

    1. Pink you want a video crazy girl, I would have to take it apart and now it's all wired together.

      It's real easy, we just went to the craft store picked out the basket we liked, then the flowers, arranged them how we liked it, then just wired them down so it didnt blow away...real simply...give it a shot!

  5. The only advice I can give you is to water the hell out of it morning and early evening. Also the starter fertilizer once a month