Friday, February 1, 2013

You've got to be kiddin' me RH!

Now that I have your attention.

Quick update.

My PMs ordered us internal french doors for our study after closing and hand delivered them themselves a few days ago.  Since then hubby started installing the doors and PMs kept stopping by to check on how he is doing with the installation.  We got the doors in pretty good ourselves but when PM stopped by on Wed. he said he would make a final tweak later in the week.

Today the PM asked if he had permission to come into the house to look at the doors.

We come home............and.......THE DOORS ARE DONE!


While we were at work he came in and completely finished installing the doors, molding/casing, hardware, door stops and ALL.

OMG, I love these guys!!

I immediately called him and said......WHAT did you do??

He said he wanted to surprise us since we have been such a pleasure to work with!

(side note, I feel like the Jerry McGuire movie when they, Cruise and Cuba Gooding Jr. make their big football play at the end of the movie...anybody know what I mean?)

RH these PMs are by far the very best people I have ever worked with in customer service and in life....these guys are like part of our family and I'm so glad the next phase is going in next to us so I can still be in touch with them often :)

I can't say enough about these two guys!! They truly care :)

"L" and "P", I can't imagine building a home with anyone else.


  1. Replies
    1. I know everytime I see these guys now they get Hugs :)I told them they are past the hand shake stage!!

  2. Awesome surprise! Now we just need pics! =)

  3. Unreal! You got so lucky to have such amazing PMs!!!

  4. You are lucky with amazing PM's. I hope my PM is like that.

  5. Wow, how much more special did it make your experience that you were able to work with such great PMs? Awesome! I bet those doors look fantastic :)

  6. I am so happy you've got such an awesome team! I bet the doors look fantastic!

  7. Wow! That is awesome! I hope my PM is as good as yours!