Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Morning room progress decor.

Gesh, this living in a new home sure is some work huh?

Relax? What's that?  It's my own fault though, when I sit down I think...HHHmm what can we do NEXT!  Not good for the checkbook.

Hubby won the battle on the new 65in Samsung Smart TV, 3D TV purchase...so unnecessary, but........OK!  He says I can BLOG on it, he thinks he can get me with that......LOL. He is gonna get me a wireless keyboard and I can blog on it apparently..but I don't know that I need 65inch screen to do this.....I will let ya'll know.

Decor is coming along, I think I move each picture or decor around the house 3x or so, making lots of nail holes, oh well, that is what "Mud" is for.

I just purchased this dining room set off JCP sight unseen...and I LOVE it, it fits perfectly.

I went to JPC cause Macy's stuff was back ordered until May, so glad I visited JCP website, cause I love this table, and I never LOVE anything I second guess everything and take everything back, but I LOVE this!

My house looks into the woods, so I don't know that I need window treatments on these windows.............any thoughts??


The next phase continues and sooooooooooo much MUD, they are still pushing around mud and yikes the MUD in addition to snow always always being on the ground here, and my dirt driveway and dirt mud lot, I hafta tell ya pulling up to my house does NOT give me warm fuzzy feeling......

My garage is packed with MUD from the street that I drag in with my car!  I didn't know pushing around dirt is such a process, still nothing for sale, just pushing dirt around......LOL......I am sure it's much more technical but from my point of view....just a damn MESS :(

My 30 day is coming up on Monday at 8:30 am

Is it true after 30 days you no longer communicate with your PMs for problems, you contact another company....??

If so, I don't wanna lose my PMs ever, they are MY guys!


  1. Your morning room looks great. Since you don't need window treatments, you could always just leave them bare, use cornice boards or some sort of valance. As for after the 30 days are up, you will contact Ryan's customer service. We have gotten to know the service manager for our area (that's probably not a good thing), but he's as great as our PM. Service calls that aren't an emergency can be done through the website and they usually get back to you the next day. You can also call customer service and get the ball rolling a little sooner.

  2. Love your dining room set!

    Our PM did tell us at walk through that after 30 days we will contact the contractor responsible for the work or use the Ryan homeowners website to get something fixed. Not sure if its the same for all developments though.

    1. Thanks CAMI,its one of my purchases that I really really love!

      I will let ya'll know about the 30 day !

      My PM told me he will always be around :) I told him he can't leave me!

  3. Love the dining set.

    I believe that our PM mentioned that after the 30-day stuff we should technically deal directly with RH instead of with him, but it seemed like he still wanted us to keep him updated on any issues that we may be having.

    Do you have many issues for your 30-day?

  4. LOVE the morning room! Sorry about the mud though! Hopefully things will dry up soon and you will have a great feeling pulling up! I think if you have woods behind you, no need for window treatments on those back windows unless sun is an issue. We are trying to figure that out, too (and our house isn't even drywalled yet)!

  5. That table looks really great; love the contrast with the floor. It looks like a very comfortable room.

    My current home backs to woods and I never end up closing my dining room or patio door coverings. I thought I would be uncomfortable with them open but I really got used to it and I liked the view and light too much to cover it up. You can live with them open awhile then if you don't think you need full coverings you can just soften up the wall with some sort of cornice treatment or hanging panels, depending on your style.

    1. I am wondering I want a more grand effect, hmmmm what to do??

      Im terrible at getting ideas online and Pinterest pisses me , I cant figure it out......LOL

  6. Looks good! I'm impressed of what you accoplished in such a short period of time--you are working! In regard to losing communication with your PM after your 30--that is true. We have a plumbing issue and I was able to address it via the Ryan Homes website. It was quite painless. I have a plumber coming out tomorrow to survey the damage and let me know what the problem is, etc. So, I will provide an update on the full experience via the blog, of course! Happy decorating!

    1. I texted my PM and yesterday and asked "Are you leaving me?", He said he will always be around for me, I can always call him....

  7. We have the same table!! We got ours as a Christmas present in 2011. Love it!!