Thursday, January 31, 2013

First DIY tearing out drywall - french doors!

We have only been in this home about 2 weeks and already the projects have begun.

Originally we wanted french doors into our study.

But I was not about to pay $800 for them since we can do it ourselves.

Our PMs are GREAT, they are hand delivered these doors to our home a few days ago.

Framed, hardware, shims and molding included!!  They ROCK.

So, hubby started tearing down the drywall,,,,urggh can't watch!

The hammer started swinging.

We now have them hanging and boy is it a bitch to level french doors, shim here and shim there.

Since the delivery the PMs check on us daily and ask how the install is going..........Who does that????

Yesterday he stopped by to check it out, says it looks good but suggested a few tweeks.......

Today they are stopping by to put the finishing touches on it......

Are you serious?  RH you got yourself some special guys here.


WE also now have our Bose Surround Sound hubby installed, which again required cutting holes in the ceiling for the speakers!

My brother hung our ceiling fans, since hubby was busy with other things.

Rusmur Carpet came out and replaced the seams and upgraded our carpet.

Put handles on our kitchen cabinets.

Hung Pendant lights over island.

(PMs tells us NOT to tell our neighbors about his manskillz or he will be in trouble)

Oh Oh, ordered my morning room table for JCP online, this is a first, sight's being delivered on satruday.  I had found a table and a desk at Macy's but they are BOTH backordered till MAY, really Macy's.........I'll never shop there again!

My SR called me the other day and asked if she could SHOW the house.......SURE come on up!

Now you know they loved my........SHOWER!  My mission is make that shower an option.

She brought chocolates with her and same day hubby delivered 2 dozens roses to the house..ahhh.

I promise to get this house ready for pics!  I'm kicking myself I should have done it the other day when people walked through it and it was really clean.

I'm loving my house......but I CANT STOP SHOPPING.......its dangerous.


  1. Sounds like you all have been busy! I'd love to see pictures!

    What is it with furniture being backordered? Our sofa table that we are going to use in the morning room as a sideboard was back ordered until mid-February... and our bar stools are back ordered until May!

    1. M, yeah I wasn't waiting that long, I know myself and I would have found something else I like if I didn't have something in the place I wanted....Boo!!

      First experience with Macy's, great experience so far with JCP, free delivery and free white glove set up.....we will see :)

  2. Can't wait to see pics! Awesome to do DIY stuff and you have AWESOME PMs!!

  3. It sounds like you guys hit the jackpot with your PMs! Can't wait to see pics of the DIY things you do.

    Macy's is crazy with their backorders, - glad you were able to find something else.

    1. I wonder, am I spoiled with my PMs, or are all PMs like this?

  4. Can't wait to see pics. Tell me more about the speaker install? Did you have Guardian wire for it?

    1. Yes we paid for the pre wire surround sound.

      I would ask if they can put some wires where you want them.

      I don't see why it has to be in a "package".

      Never know unless you ask.

  5. I would love to add 2 speaker so the family room and 2 speakers to the bonus. I just didn't want to get the entire surround sound package offered.

    1. We only paid for the wires, no equipment was included we had our own equipment.

  6. Yeah money is flying out of our accounts like we hit the lottery... Rugs, furniture, water softener system, hubby "needs" a new TV, new couch, I still need to order blinds, and I spent too much at Target today, but everything was on sale so I had to buy it, and hubby wasn't with me, so I had to eat the receipt so he wouldn't see what I spent LOL

    Appliances were delivered today... Good ol' Home Depot sent me a dryer with a dent in the front... Back on the truck it went and I'll be without a dryer for a week UGH!

    And the disposal is leaking in the kitchen... Luckily the plumber is coming out in the morning :)

    And remember my neighbor mentioned coyotes in the plan? Yeah, she wasn't joking. Heard them last night one calling from the valley and another calling from the hill above us - and I was inside, that's how loud they are... I'm afraid to go outside LOL

    1. I know what you mean about....hiding receipts...LOL

      I use my account for things I really.."shouldn't have"!

      Too bad about the dryer they should be compensating you somehow. I would ask for a percent be refunded.

      Coyotes, how cool? I know I'm weird, but I think it's cool, no worries they wont eat you...

      Yesterday we got a new dining room table for the morning room.

      Gonna buy a "new " TV for the game today.....that we truly dont NEED.

      Somehow I manage to buy something everyday....Gesh! It's just too much fun.

    2. Yup... Got a new TV last night... And guess what - now we need a new TV stand for the TV. I still haven't ordered window treatments... We will be the most talked about neighbors I promise! "Oh Sally, you should see our new neighbors - can you believe they get dressed right in front of the window that doesn't have a blind on it? Jim and I think they might be nudists or something!" LMAO! Can't wait for the neighborhood cook-out!

      I don't think they will compensate us for the dryer, and to boot, that little washing machine pan... Yeah the delivery guy handed ME a wrench and said you need to go turn the pan, it isn't installed right and the washer won't fit in it... So couldn't get the nut off that holds the pan in place, and I broke the pan into 50 pieces... And you should have heard all of the nice things I was calling him while I had a wrench in my hand, in tears because he wanted me to fix it for him. I was livid.