Monday, February 11, 2013

Tip Out Trays - Installed DIY, pics and show how.

We installed tip out trays last night in our master bath.

I had them in my old home and love them for all the little things.

For all of you that don't realize, these are the fake panels on your cabinets that you can turn into productive storage space for some little things.

Here first DIY blog demonstration...

Home Depot $9.99

Remove panel from cabinet, you have to give it a good tug,  it is just secured in their with some clips, you have to tug a bit.

What your cabinet looks like after you pull out that false panel, notice the clips...

Grab a tool and start pulling off the clips, they are just stapled in there, remove staples also.

Pull out the same kind of clips on the cabinets, they are also just stapled in there.

Take the tray and center it , and drill it into place with screws provided.
You will need your basic drills, drill the hinges into the cabinet, screws provided, drill is not.

Next measure to re attach the panel to the cabinet, make sure it is center....

I used tape,notice green tape, as my marker what center was....

This is the funnest part, stick your head into the cabinet and drill screws from behind to secure in the panel to the hinges. Really you need two people for this part, one under the cabinet and one holding the panel secure in place while you are drilling from underneath the cabinet.

Next pull out the panel, and there you have it, a tip out drawer  for hair stuff, my glasses and brush fit.....

I plan on attaching handles to everything in the bathroom too.

Total time 15 minutes, plus $9.99 at home depot.

Had to include a pic of my view this AM, Phase II still no homes, Luv it

View from my master bedroom...

Say bye bye to it soon, they will start selling lots this!!


  1. Great, thanks for the DIY. We will need some in our kitchen and bathrooms.

    Do you add a handle to the front drawer or just pull on the sides of the drawer? Are the door hinges included in the tray package?

    1. Yup the hinges are included.

      No you dont need a handle.

      You can just pull from the sides, no handle necessary,just my personal preference.

  2. YOU ROCK DW!!
    I had no clue you could get them from Home Depot !!
    I found them online a Rev a Shelf that also sells the trash can you can install plus a bunch of other stuff!
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. I'm definitely doing the pull-out trash cans from rev-a-shelf. And these will go well in the bathroom vanities and in front of the kitchen sink.

  3. Great idea DW! Definitely will be getting those!