Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wait to fill out your Survey/30 day inspection

Let me say we love our PMs.  They did a great job.  The bitches I have is the choice of materials which are out of our PMs hands.

We had our 30 day and I did not want to nit pick. I regret this instantly.

I like our guys so much I did't wanna be a pain in the ass.  I should have been.

After our 30 day last week I filled out our survey............I should have waited and listed some things that drive me crazy, maybe RH would listen, but these are things I don't think they can do anything about. But I regret filling out the survey too soon. 


The plumbing noise is terrible......hate it.....hate it!!!  There should be more insulation, I just want to rip out the drywall and start all over again.

The noise upstairs from the TV in the living room is terrible.........hate it hate it!!  Wish I would have requested more insulation or upgraded noise drywall.

The paint, urrgggh, I have never seen anything like it!  Is this really paint, I cant even put blue tape on it, it peels away at the drywall.  If you brush up against it, it marks and it's so rough!!  Also there are so many goobers on the walls and ceilings, but I felt I was being picky, now I am mad at myself and resent the goober even more...LOL.....frickin' goobers!!

Today I am frustrated!  Can you tell?


  1. I'm sorry you are so frustrated! =( have you talked to your PMs about your frustrations? Maybe they can still help with some of the issues.

    I am a little frustrated with the paint too... it is SO thin! And I know that flat paint usually marks easily, but this paint is worse than any I've seen before. I guess that is why so many people repaint. I never really understood why someone would want to repaint a brand new house, but now I do!

    1. Just blows me away we pay sooo much money for these houses and we can't even get decent paint??

  2. I agree that the paint is terrible. Painting is a must and a priority after our year is done. Many of my neighbors have painted already and will need wall repair because of settelement cracks. I also learned that if you want to add crown molding, it is better to add the molding and then paint. If you do it the opposite way you will need to repaint the wall.

    In regard to the bathroom noise, I don't really hear the toilet or shower running when I'm downstairs. I definitely don't hear the TV, but then again, we did not get surround sound in the family room. Given that we have the same house, maybe something is not right with the pipes, so get that checked out. Hope things work out better...

    1. Hey Danielle.

      Yup I do have the surround sound in the ceilings. I wonder why you dont hear any bathroom noises.......its like the water is rushing by my ears......I mentioned to my PMs but no real reaction, what can you do???

  3. I know I'm sneaking in and doing some extra insulation for sure! My parents PM did it for them because he had so much left over and it makes a difference in their master bath, but their master is on the main level but their upstairs bath you can hear everything, and when I sleep over there, I hear EVERYTHING when I'm in the spare bedroom, and my Dad wakes up at 5am and I can hear him scooping the coffee in the kitchen! They do have a 2 story great room thought (built the Esquire) so that makes everything ecoh more, but I think that sound insultating interior walls in really important in these big homes, they can be so cavernous and really amplify sounds more, especially with HW floors and the 9ft ceilings! All great upgrades though but it comes at a price :)

  4. Maybe I don't hear the water as much because it is just two of us living in the house. And I'm typically in the bedroom when my husband is in the bathroom. Do you hear the water when you're downstairs or upstairs?