Saturday, February 9, 2013

"NEVER STOP IMPROVING"....I'm stealing the quote.

I just saw a Lowe's commercial, seen it 1000x I am sure, but today it hit me......

As the saying goes........"Never stop improving"...that's my life quote with home improvement.....

LOL, here I sit in a brand new house and all I ever knew all my life was remodel, remodel, remodel and I loved it.......tearing something down only to build it back up with your own personal stamp.  Now I have a brand new home that I really shouldn't do that...but I get itchy...

As the commercial runs, they rip apart their kitchen, make it over, then sit back, look around, and onto the next project knocking down a wall...."Never stop improving"........

So, as I am trying to get over my NVR rage today, I just love my house...I assess things.............. but want to kinda "de-ryan" it........

Ya know what I mean, take out a lot of the things that in pics you say to yourself, Oh that's a RH house.

Powder room on the first floor for instance, it's like their "stamp". Hmmm, new mirror for starters........


Onto another note, completely off subject as I type this in my study, I realize the light switch is in the MIDDLE of the wall, like most in this house.........WTH.......why not put it near the door way or a corner, it is literally in the middle of the wall, how do I decorate around that...........Gesh I should have went over the electrical much better.

ADVICE, LOOK AT ALL YOUR WALL SWITCHES, UNLIKE PLUGS THEY CAN BE MOVED, don't let them leave them in the middle of the wall, it was just easier for them that day.....

Duh!!  Can I build another house now since I know so much?????

Don't get me wrong I love my house, but when you made all the decision and as you learn more and more once you have lived in the say to yourself....self.............."You dumb did you miss that???"

Anybody else like this?? See a different brick you like better or a house on that lot that was 2nd runner up in your choices and you say......crap....I shoulda picked that one?

See it's in my nature to second guess and work backwards..........I think I should have started with a RH house then worked backwards and updated that a perfect world.......atleast mine anywayz.

Heck, I even read magazines backwards, from back to front......


  1. I swear I was reading your post wondering if I wrote it - these are my thoughts exactly. I haven't even started building and am already second guessing many of my decisions (could I have gotten a granite I like a lot better for the same price??). If you want to "de-builder" it, go for it! Theses houses are great, but your touches will make it more you. The good thing is that nothing needs to be done right away and you can really take your time to do exactly what you want.

    LOL at the light switch in the wall - I have one I know I want moved - it's in the middle of the wall at the end of the hall. I mean really, who wants it there, that is where decor is supposed to go. I asked PM to move it at my pre-construction and he said I'd have to catch the electrician and have it moved then. It was "too much trouble to worry about little details like that" at this point (PMs words). Wasn't super-pleased with that. Hopefully not a sign of things to come.

    1. I agree not a good answer........too much trouble? Gesh I never got that answer....that is when you start writing in black ink on the framing in the house to."move switch over here"...with an arrow..........Ive done that too!!

    2. I know, you got the dream PMs! Great tip - will totally take that advice and mark the studs. Bring on the sharpie :) Thanks!

  2. They just finished my framing yesterday. Well, they think they are finished. Im going to tell them to replace some of the wood. I also plan to go over there tomorrow with tape and black marker to mark where i want the light switches. I hope that works. Thanks to blogs like yours I am trying to be more proactive.

  3. I know what you mean. I will be sure to look out for wall switches. In the model home, they are all near the corner.

  4. We added and moved a bunch of wall switches during our electrical install. The husband was very specific with how he wanted switches to work, and we added a bunch of three-ways for our can lights so that whenever you're at a doorway you can either turn on or off lights. Unfortunately this also means that we have walls of switch banks with three or four switches on them, and we have no idea which ones work which lights (so that is a problem as well). Label-maker time! (j/k) Of course, we are still wishing we added more outlets now, so you can never get everything right the first time. My husband's grandfather used to say you have to build a hosue three times before you get it right. I think that's probably true, as evidenced by all our wishing and second-guessing!

    1. Unsafe, I knew who should have paid better attention, I always say I'm ready to build another house now :)

      I know what you mean, we have many 3 way switches and I of course I never get the first one I want the first time...LOL

      I guess in time...........

  5. My regret is not getting the bump out in the family room, the pantry is too small, and not confirming where the electrical socket is for the light in my master bedroom. As you said, the next house we will know better.