Thursday, January 24, 2013

Guardian - MAD with your service -shady stuff/update too!

(RH not aware of the issue.........yet)

We paid for a 5.1 surround sound pre wire.

We had many many many conversations with Michael from Guardian about the Bose system we have and how it will all work.

We were told.......YUP it's gonna work, it will be compatible.

More than once we were told this!!

Been in the house 5 days......and I STILL have to walk into the study to change the channel on the TV in the living room!!  See the TV components are hidden in the study NOT next to the TV and we need the surround sound to work in order to use this special RF remote that works through walls...In the meantime I have to get up and walk over to the study to change the channel.

DVR you ask..............that's funny try fast forwarding from another room guessing because you can't see the TV..LOL

We set up our Bose surround and went to hook up the sub woofer and all the connections are NOT there!!

We call Guardian, they have been playing the back stepping game for 3 days!!

Apparently this is NOT their problem, but he is willing to give up some free speaker wires that we can fish through the walls ourselves! WHAT??

If a tech comes out it will cost us money?????????????????????????


Oh no you didn't!!

See her lies the problem, this is hubby's area.....and he has been making the phone calls NOT me.......


Hubby now wants ME to take over the issue.............of course he does..........LOL

Today I will call my PM and ask how I should handle this.......RH doesn't know yet and I am sure they won't be pleased either.....

I'll let ya know!

Update the above post

I just love my PM!

He truly rocks!

I text him this AM about my Guardian issues!

He calls me back within an hour!

Tells me he already spoke to Guardian and told them "Do what the customer wants"....!!

Says I should be hearing from Guardian and it will be fixed correctly at no fee.

10 minutes later, Guardian calls to set up an appointment to come out and fix the problem!

Boo ya!

PM you are the best!!

RH my PM's get stuff done and at the end of every issue I have had they make it right every every time!!!


  1. If you want an alternative to the RF remote, you can purchase an adapter set that transfers IR over HDMI, it just plugs into each end of your HDMI cable(one in the great room, the other in the study) and the IR signal is carried by the HDMI cable and repeated in the study. Its about $25 for the kit on monoprice. It may not be the only or the best solution but if the RF remote is giving you grief, it might be worth a shot.

  2. I want Guardian to run the damn speaker wires to the sub woofer!

    I hafta laugh, you sound like my hubby, you just spoke chinese to me that I don't understand......but I'll relay that to the hubby I am sure he can translate for me. :)

    1. Yeah, that sucks that they didn't wire for the subwoofer. I've been pretty on top of our wiring guy and we haven't even started construction.

    2. Yup hubby said he was so concerned with construction he overlooked the's ok got an update already...problem fix......MY PM told him to come out and fix it! I love my PM's, they are good to us ")

  3. I'm so glad the PM was on it and that Guardian will now be fixing the issue free of charge!

  4. Glad it's working out and they are responsive to your requests! I am learning from Brian because I intend to pick up the infrared routers because I have some boxers behind cabinets and we need to keep the cabinet open to change the channel.

    1. Nadase, how are you doing over there? Must be good, no posts lately? No fixes needed so far?

    2. The routers work well. Also, if you have more than one component, they sell a repeater that goes out to up to 8 devices:

      If there is one thing I'm good at, its audio/video stuff.

      And very glad to hear that Guardian is coming to fix things.