Thursday, January 24, 2013

Getting rid of storage cardboard boxes after you move in.

I was thinking I hate to bombard my garbage guys on their first trip to our house with mounts of broken down cardboard boxes from the move.

So I called my township and asked what I can do to make it easier on the guys.

They told me there is a "mission" in our community that will come to your home, pick up those boxes, haul them away and recycle them for you.........all for free...........because the money goes towards the "mission".

If you too will be overwhelmed with moving boxes, try calling your township.....


  1. Don't forget about craigslist. I've always gotten free boxes from there when moving and then given them away again when I am done! Reuse and Recycle!

    1. Brian, so true I sell a lot on craigslist...there are just soooo many boxes I wanted them all gone at the same time ;)

      You know on craigslist you get this guy who wants two boxes and they next guy wants four boxes....and so on and so on...LOL...

  2. DW, this is an awesome suggestion!!

  3. Next time you should try plastic moving boxes. The companies that provide them drop them off for your to use, them pick them back up when you are done.