Monday, December 3, 2012

What a Monday!

What a day, what a day! December 3rd.

Best Monday! And............. I was off work too.

We got approved for our concrete driveway finally, which as you all should know my community is asphalt, so thanks to my PM and SR going to bat for us.

My new home owners insurance company called to confirm our policy with us and NVR, and it's less money than we thought.

Spoke with our flooring company regarding the placement of the shelves in our shower. Huge accomplishment getting a return phone call there.

PM calls and texts me all day, all our bloopers taken care of.

Chatted with my SR on the phone today, sometimes we just chat.

My old real estate lady found some of my missing mail, my mail is not being forwarded.......kinda an issue.

Gas Co. called they are sending me my big refund check from the old house.

My bedding came in the mail and I LOVE it!

Got matching window dressings for my bedroom for a steal at TJ MAXX.

Loan processor from NVR emailed and we are right on schedule, she has everything she needs.

Hubby got some more good news at work.

Tell me that wasn't a good Monday?

Tomorrow I will check out the progress on the house, I didn't go today.

Happy Building Everyone...hope everyone has days like these too.