Monday, December 3, 2012

Drywall Bloopers!

Day 56 Saturday December 1st.

Wow, a Saturday and they were jammin' on the drywall....

First time ever we have seen work on a Saturday on our home.

Drywall almost done, the upstairs is pretty much done.

Downstairs still a work in does look bigger as drywall goes up...go figure!

I had to take a pic of this drywall Blooper....funny stuff...

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What's wrong with the above pic?

Now I understand there job is JUST to DRYWALL, but you have to laugh when they do this !!

What do you think..... will some "mud" take care of that??......LOL...of course plumbing is being called in today to fix this issue....I wasn't worried about something so obvious..

Looking from kitchen down hallway to front door, basement steps.

Above, mess of a GREAT ROOM..

Standing in Morning Room. to the left will be the sink and overhang of granite into the morning room.

Still missing that window, it's now covered and protected but waiting on it for 2.5 weeks now.  It was never installed, it was broken before installed during the framing process.
We are now locked out and need keys to go visist it, right now we can still lift up the garage door freely.

This week we are suposed to have drywall taped and mudded, subfloors sanded to make perfectly level, and then maybe painting starting this week also trim done.

I hope tiling in the bathroom will go up next week so our custom seamless shower can be measured and ordered if not our closing will be pushed back.

As I bitch about the concrete, I will sing praises to my PM for keeping all our tubs covered and clean as requested!!  I have seen a mess of some tubs in the past and wanted mine kept covered.

Also to my PM for pretty much being right on schedule always.

NVR has been really good so far, my loan processer is really great, we get along so she always chit chats with me in emails and is in touch all the time, so I think that's been really beneficial.  We talk about our personal stuff and it's nice to have someone on your side :)

Advice, rethink your wireless and cable options beforehand you meet with Guardian.........unless you run it on the outside of your home, we don't really know how else to do it...of course we can rip out drywall, but who wants to do that in a brand new home...

Side Note:

Nadase, girl, you are slacking, you say your cabinets and stuff are in...where are pics?

UPDATE:  Got the thumbs up for the concrete driveway....woo hooo Merry Xmas!


  1. The drywall guys probably get paid by the sheet so they don't care about the pipe sticking through as long as that sheet of drywall is up. They should be starting drywall at our house today. Wonder if we'll have any interesting findings like this when we walk through.

  2. Well I presume that you ran cable to those rooms as well, right? If you had a pvc chase put in from the basement (where I presume your Guardian panel is) to the attic, it would just be buying a bulk reel of CAT6 from Monoprice or whatever, run it up through the PVC and then get a fish reel and drop it down the stud to the existing cable run outlet box. Then you terminate both ends (you probably would need a new cover plate with the additional jack, but shouldn't be too pricey) and you're in business.

  3. Brian, hubby never asked for that pvc chase, we dont have one, therefore no way to run anything... :(

    We do cable cable in all four bedrooms upstairs.

    Any other suggestions? hubby says we are out of luck!

  4. My girl, DW! I have pictures but haven't been able to upload any more because I do not have any more storage and google wants me to pay for more storage dpace which is ridiculous! In the meantime, studying for finals became a priority and no time to figure out what to do. Any suggestions? The house is coming along nicely. I guess I will eventually just post the updates but I love sharing photos.