Wednesday, December 12, 2012

TIME! Wishing it away? OR Want more? Closing date!

Conflicted! Time..............., do we want more or less in life?

Our original closing date was December 28th.  We were always told we were right on time. We were told today our Closing will be January 15th!  Say what? Crap, so much for my countdown.  I knew it will be later, but not THAT much later.

34  more days.....Gesh, not at all what I had planned, I already scheduled time off work to move, I hope to rearrange that.

My heart sunk when I was told that today.

I guess we just reevaluate.

Oh how sometimes we wish for more time and sometimes it can't go by fast enough.


Even though I have to say I'm very disappointed today, I will give my summary anyway, maybe it will center me again. (smiley face)

December 3rd Day 58

Drywall Continues.

December 6th Day 61

Drywall continues, electrical and gas has been turned on.

December 10th Day 65

Grind floors out, finish taping and mudding the walls

December 11th Day 66

Painting of walls and staining hand rails for the banisters, they are doing it in the basement it's a Dad and a daughter team and doing such a nice clean job of staining the railings.  I'm impressed with them considering the horror stories here on the blog.  BTW they are staining BEFORE attaching them to the walls.......there's some thinking for a change :)

Brick also arrives and get presettlement and closing dates.  We briefly meet with our PM and his assistant today at the model by accident today.  We stopped in to get keys to the house and they asked if we had time to talk......uh......SURE!!

The assistant PM is very detailed, he moved up our tile work in our bathroom to tomorrow or friday (Dec. 14) to accommodate the measurements of our seamless shower since this nonstandard request takes 3 weeks.  He also assured me he would be there and make sure my shower ledges go exactly were I want them placed.  Cool!

The brick is scheduled to go up also on friday Dec. 14th.  Attached is a pic, they are LaCava Color and of course looks nothing like I imagined....Sigh, the packing list said LaCava, I hope when it's done it will be what I imagined, right now it looks like light mud caked on the brick.  Bloggers am I crazy to think that?


Hardwood floors are to start on Monday and Tuesday Dec 17& 18.(Day 72 & 73).

Moving along, but thought we were closer than 34 days out!

Looking down from upstairs into Foyer, how do I decorate that? Lol.  It will look awesome after chandelier and banister is installed.

My metal ballisters being stained in the basement, luv' em

 Above, looking into kitchen and morning room from living room.

Sliding Glass doors in Morning room.

La Cava Brick, not liking color right now, but how can you tell in a pile? Right? My assistant PM jokes with me and says I voided the warranty by stacking them up :) (hahahaha)

Looking upstairs into Loft area.

Morning Room Windows

Looking into Living room/Great room from kitchen.

In summary today the highs and lows of building a home.  I write this blog for others to learn and also for me to look back at the progress of my home and my timeline.  And I hope when I do........ we wonder ............

Where did the TIME go??????????????


  1. I'm sorry your closing date got pushed back! I had been wondering about that because we are at about the same spot in the building process and we were just told that our closing date is January 18th.

    The house is looking good!

  2. It's about time Ryan did metal balusters! When we built (we moved in 10 months ago) it wasn't even an option! Good for you!

  3. Okay, DW! Now that the time has moved by so swiftly I kinda a wish I had more to tie up loose ends. But I do have a master plan so this should expedite the process. I finally became content with the date and was shocked they moved it up which means less time to do what needs to be done. I say, count it all as joy!

    btw--I am not really digging our brick color because the natural beauty of the brick is hidden from the overcast daily. The house next door to us blocks it; however, we get plenty of sun from the back and side.