Saturday, December 15, 2012

One ledge, two ledge, three ledge! & No soap dish!

Day 69, December 14th

Shower tile installed.

Did I say shower ledges?

Woo woot!

Lovin' my shower ledges, count em'...........3!

No soap dish!

Love the tile color choice and the listello.

Also brick started today and the mortar makes the color of the brick exactly what I wanted!!  

Very Happy Camper today.

La Cava Brick color.

On another note on the NVR front!

Well it's my PM really for the first issue.  He scheduled our closing for Jan 15th but when I talked to NVR mortgage our lock rate expires Jan 13 and our PM told us to lock and he guaranteed it.  If we go over RH has to pay a are waiting to see if they change the day.  That was addressed on Thursday,'s Saturday...

Also, we lost our NVR loan processor, which he wasn't really reliable anyway, but he left the company without telling us and he knew me well and what I wanted and never passed along those wants onto the my new LO.

The new processor is the "boss" and my old LO said he would arrange for me to pay my home owners insurance yearly and not put it into my mortgage.  The new LO says that costs $750 to do that and it doesn't matter anyway because they sell our loan immediately, he says usually to Wells Fargo and I will have to discuss that with them......... Say what??  The new LO will NOT help me get my insurance paid yearly and not have it incorporated into my mortgage. It sucks when a person leaves you in the middle of the project.  They promise you things and the next person doesn't honor them. No way to do business, I'm not done with this issue yet.  I was told this would be taken care of.....we will see!!

I don't care that NVR sells my loan, my last mortgage was with Wells Fargo and I knew they sold ours right away.  But what NVR promises should carry over to the new co. as part of the loan deal???????


Hardward floors are to be installed on Mon or Tues because we wanted them under the kitchen cabinets.

Let's see if they are right.


  1. Love the tile in your bathroom and the brick. Hope everything works out with NVR and your previous request.

  2. Love the shelves in the shower... and yay for no soap dish! The brick looks great! I'm glad you are liking it now.

    I hope NVR/RH comes through with the rate lock issue. Our LO told us that they would NOT guarantee our rate beyond 60 days.

    1. Our LO told us if our PM said to lock it was guaranteed, but now he is gone so I wonder what the deal is...NVR didnt live up to his insurance promise so I am starting to wonder if they will honor his word on the lock either?? I am really starting to worry now........I don't wanna hafta go ballistic....but I can.

  3. Love love love the brick!!

    The shelves look great in the bathroom. I liked the placement for our master bathroom because it was wider; however, in the guest bathroom it is much smaller which leaves them closer to the shower head so I asked to have them installed against the other wall to prevent accidents from elbow brushes against the shelf.

    1. Nadase now you have me thinking I am gonna bump my elbows while in the shower.......TMI! hahahahaha

  4. I love your shower! the tile work is beautiful. I hope NVR comes through for you, I also would think that the condition that allows you to pay your insurance would pass over to the new loan holder, but sometimes banks dont have common sense. We have been following your blog for some time and we just started our own building journey. Thank you for allowing us to share your journey with you.

    1. Summer thanks for following along, I hope you are getting some tips........

      Here's a big one......get more than one outlet in your garage!

      We are big DYI'ers and have one plug in that big garage I don't know what we were thinking...

      Soap dish is a little thing! Oh so much to know..LOL

  5. I'm really curious: do your shelves stop at the plane of the tile, or do they penetrate into it somewhat? I'm curious whether this would be a super simple DIY addition where the ledges could be added to a finished tile job after the fact with an appropriate adhesive, or whether you'd have to dig into the tile face a little to create a niche to seat them in.

    1. Julie, they have to be done with the tile is being done. They do penetrate.

      We had attempted this at our old house after tile was their and apparently it's NOT possible? Hubby says you would have to CUT into the tile because the ledges are actually pretty thick and need support, you simply cannot just attach them to the tile, atleast not these Ledges....Hubby says he hates to say you CANT do anything, but his opinion is if you want them to be sturdy, because they are pretty heavy and you will have things on them, you must insert them into the tile....

      Google DIY maybe we are wrong.....wouldnt be the first time......OK....maybe the 3rd time......hahahahaha ;)