Sunday, December 23, 2012

RAILINGS! RAILINGS! My metal spindle railings my favorite part!

December 21st Friday Day 76

Finally my railings are up.

My absolute favorite upgrade in the house (so far)!

Trim and moldings are also completed today.

Brick front still unfinished...... :(

It's cold here today 24 degrees.  Slows things down outside obviously.

Here comes lots of pics of..................Railings!

Standing in dining room.

From top lot.

Top Loft.

Crown molding put on. 

View from front bedroom windows.


  1. DW, your railings are beautiful! I know you are tickled! It's nothing like seeing the things you want come to fruition in your new home. can't wait to see your seamless shower!!!

    Btw--you all have snow and I am still waiting to see the 50 degrees this week .

  2. Beautiful railings and beautiful view! We won't see snow for a while here!

  3. Love the metal railings! They look great! We have snow, too. I hope our snow sticks and doesn't melt before Christmas!!

  4. beautiful home, our floor plan similar to yours & almost all yr selection are ours too! railing, cabinet colour etc., we have santa ceilia grainte, hope you also have same.
    wishing you and your family Merry Christmas.

  5. Love the railings too! That's what we got as well (but we're waay behind you still). And the view from the bedroom windows is amazing. So serene.

  6. The Metal Ballisters are great. All I can think about in those pictures though is that I would never want to paint that Foyer..

    Happy Holiday

  7. Love the railings! Also, what a great view!

  8. The rails are stunning! That's an upgrade I plan to do later. I like that you put the gourmet island in the middle of your kitchen. I wished I would of thought of looks great!

    1. Danielle, thanks.....what do you mean wish you would have put island in the middle? what other option did I have?