Wednesday, December 26, 2012

15 day PANIC, so much to do!! Input please!

15 days till pre settlement and 19 days till closing!!

No way I say!

Brick isn't  done, siding not delivered.

No sidewalk.......

Trim unfinished.

No Granite or appliances.

No faucets or towel bars

No toilets not even sitting in garage waiting....

Bathroom shower not done, waiting on seamless shower!

Lot needs tons of work...

No Carpet

No second coat of paint!!

PLUS IT SNOWED 4 - 6 INCHES TODAY.....uhhhh no work getting done and in the 20's.

Both PM's on vaca until Jan 2nd.

Can it be done???

Should I be worried? Im very worried, I've taken vacation and switched it twice now cause originally it was suposed to be December 28th.


  1. I have seen them whip through siding in two days, so as soon as the weather clears up (and it's delivered), it'll happen. I can't speak for the brick--not sure how long that takes. I bet a lot of the things you have listed can be done pretty quickly. It doesn't do Ryan any good to delay closing--time is money. I hope things speed up for you soon!

    1. Ravenna, thanks for words of encouragement........I think w the brick it has something to do with the way the moter sets up maybe?? I hate for them to rush it though to get done...

  2. I felt the same way...if you look through my blog list I have the same posting lol!!!....they did finish up...but I did feel they rushed..they are still coming back tomorrow to fix up little blemishes here and there....hope they finish everything for you on time so you can get into your beautiful home.

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  3. I would be worried... but I'm a worrier!

    Heck, I'm worried about us closing on time even though there really isn't a ton left to do. We are scheduled for our final walk through on the 9th and closing on the 16th. We are still waiting on hardwood (scheduled for tomorrow), carpet, deck, hot water heater, toilet and pedestal sink in powder room, toilet in master bathroom, appliances are there but won't be installed until after the hardwood goes in... then we need all of the finishing touches like touching up paint, trim, replacing the cracked windows. Our light fixtures, outlet covers, door hardware, faucets, closet shelves, towel bars and toilet paper holders are already installed. The outside of our house is only waiting on a small amount of siding to be installed (they ran out)... grading, seeding, and landscaping are all done... sidewalks and driveway are in.

    I hope they manage to get everything done in time without sacrificing quality!

  4. Geesh DW!!!! I totally understand what you are feeling!! This is very frustrating!! I think it comes from the waiting in the beginning and when it finally begins there is major progress and than it comes to a halt instead of seeing progression to the end. At least, that what it feels like to me. We waited sooooooo long, saw rapid fire movement, and than put back on HOLD!!

    Lucklily, for you everything on your list I have seen them do in one day and some things in less than fours hours which allowed another trade to come in later in the day.

    Couple of days: Concrete (prep & pour) & trim
    Things done in a day: Hardwood & carpet & paint & brick
    Half of a day or less: toliets & granite & hot water tank & appliances

    Even though your PMs are on vacation -- your house should be scheduled for the trades to still come in. It will get done and you will have your keys before you know it.

  5. I would be slightly worried, because I too am a worrier but I must say, I stopped by my house on a Wednesday, no siding and on a Thursday evening it was about 90% complete. I think that they could knock out all of your work in 2 weeks max (weather permitting). It's amazing how fast those guys work.

  6. DW -

    There is need for concern. That is a lot of items to finish. Although
    Nadase is correct with how quick things can get done, Siding doesn't go on until Brick is done. Hopefully your Bricks and Sand et al is there. The rest of the items are fairly quick 1 to 2 day projects. I was amazed the floor was done in one day in my place.

    I wouldn't hold your breath for the Sidewalk.. PM in my plan said he won't have the sidewalks for new houses completed till around March-April. (Or consecutive nice days)

  7. I would be worried also! Though I have seen on these blogs and in our neighborhood that they get those home done FAST!! Good luck!!

  8. DW you really put the numbers in perspective...but don't panic. I'm sure everything will get done in time.

  9. Hi Everyone....another PM called me today and said he read my blog and wanted to make sure I was OK and let me know everything will be done...I didn't know they were reading my blog.

    How do you guys feel about RH reading our blogs?