Thursday, December 20, 2012

December 20th - Day 75

I just got done saying how nothing was being done, somebody heard me because a lot got done in 1.5 days.

Here goes...........!!

Kitchen cabinets
Bathroom cabinets
Master Bath granite
Recessed lights
All lights in the home
Chandeliers in Foyer and Dining Room
Mirrors in bathrooms
Interior doors almost done
Trim, doors and baseboards almost done
Brick on front of the house almost done
House numbers engraved into brick!!
Fireplace done and WORKING (and an oops) We first order slate then upgrade to black granite then back down to slate again due to cost, sure enough we have black slate.....Oppsy RH :) Thanks.

Tomorrow they might finish brick on house (bad weather coming)
Possibly install my railings, can't wait to see those :)


Siding has been ordered and will start after brick finished


FYI - both PM's will be on vacation from tomorrow until Jan2nd.


Road for the phase two next to us is complete.......boooo!  I'm a loner, wanna be alone on the hill, no.....not really but wish we kept our 100% farm view.


Now comes the crappy pics, it was later in the day and phone camera not so good with really bad lighting.


I love my brick, I love my brick. Check out the house number and the keystones above the windows. Love it :)

Dining Room

In our foyer, it's OK, will do for now, will replace later with a LOVE IT version.

We love our classic looking fireplace, we felt a large stone would take over the room for our home design, but I love everyone's big stone fireplace.

I'm in love with my floors!

Master bath, with Cherry cabinets and two sink granite, fuzzy pic, check out the shower in the mirror, yeah that was on purpose (not really).I'm imaging my hubby brushing teeth watching me in the shower, I should have thought that one through....just kidding...(giggle giggle), thank goodness the toilet, aka water closet (aren't we sophisticated now) has a door.

For the blogger who wanted to really see the shelves.

My new view, yukka, it was a farm when we bought our lot, false advertisement!!! This will be phase TWO, 7 houses on each side only, not too bad, there is a cul de sac at end of road where NO houses will be....only up and down each side.  Still an awesome view up on this hill of the farm.
View before the wrecking ball came through.. Awww so sad :(


  1. Your house is coming along nicely!! I love the brick color too!! Can't wait to see the finished product!!

  2. Your house is coming together, It looks amazing. I love the wood floors. I hope they let you keep the granite too.

  3. Looking great! We just got the last of the siding put on the house and while I think we won't get much more done before the new year our PM assured us the dry wall would be up. I do live your floors! What wood is that? Oh and thanks for the close up shot of the shelf installed. We made sure to get that option but haven't seen it installed ...til now!

  4. Things are progressing nicely! I'm sure the fireplace upgrade was a nice surprise!

  5. Look at you DW! Just when you thought nothing was happening everything was happening!! They must keep it moving for your closing! This is a great surprise! We had a few gifts too! :-) MAJOR SCORE FOR YOU!

  6. I am also in love with your floors!