Tuesday, December 18, 2012

NVR - time to flip a switch and I'm not talking electrical.

NVR News.....

I know I have everyone's attention.

I had posted that our LO quit w/o telling us.

Old LO promised us we could pay our Hazard Insurance ( I found out it is called this if you are putting 20% down) same as Home Owners Insurance, as a yearly payment and NOT incorporated into our mortgage.

Our new LO says....NOPE...no can do.

Has all kinds of excuses, and if I did it would cost me a fee of $750 to have this done? But still says he isn't willing to do it.

Say What?

I refuse to accept this answer.......I was told yes from the beginning and now feel like a bait and switch.

I have contacted two other banks and they say no problem setting up a mortgage that way, as long as I put down 20% this is an option and usually no fee associated to do that.

Called my home ownwers company and they always don't care if it's in the mortgage or paid yearly.

Waiting for the phone call from the new LO to say .......No again.......then it's time to flip the b&%ch switch and get it done and work my way up the chain of command.

Any one see any reason why this can't be done?

Any ideas or suggestions bloggers???


Closing situation is resolved , still Jan. 15th with our same lock rate even though it's two days past our lock expiration.


BTW got our hardwood floors on Monday, but again today no work at all!!

Lovveeeeeeeeeeeeeee my floors!!  They look awesome....love it love it.

Moving really slow here....27 more days people! And bricks have been at a stand still also no movement in many days.


  1. It's great that NVR will honor your locked rate! Good luck with getting them to let you pay your home owners insurance separately.

    I'm glad you like your floors! We got our tile flooring in the master bathroom and the vinyl in the mudrom and spare bathroom. I'm dying to see the hardwood and carpet though.

  2. Glad you love your hardwoods! I haven't seen mine yet and I am getting anxious.