Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pre-drywall Meeting - be awake! Day 54 - Drywall to start tomorrow.

Long time no post.

We all know how time gets away from us.

Here is my update breakdown.  Things have been moving very very fast, I'm super impressed.

Nov. 26 - Day 51
Electrical starts. HVAC done, plumbing almost done. Flooring Co. came out to measure.

Nov. 27 - Day 52
Electrical/plumbing work - Guardian installs their wires and set to go.

Nov. 28 - Day 53
HVAC, plumbing and electrical all done, insulation goes in.

Nov. 29 - Day 54
Our predrywall Meeting with our PM and his assistant. Drywall arrives while we are there.

Nov. 30 Friday- Day 55
Drywall set to begin.

Ok, so our predrywall meeting went well but BE AWAKE, pay attention to what you have talked about before in many meetings and go over them again.

Everything that we mentioned in our preconstruction meeting was overlooked and had to be reminded and things changed.

Still happy with our PM, he just seems to forget you have to be on it everyday.

Not a big deal, because they will fix them, but best to catch them earlier than later.

Things forgotten but ok'd in our preconstruction meeting:
Flooring installed before kitchen cabinets
Moving fireplace switch to a different wall
Ceiling fan prewire forgotten in a bedroom
Gas range and dryer,electrical was installed not gas
Pendant lights above island, forgotten
Told them were I wanted 3 shelves in the shower, they marked on the walls.
Center speaker for TV was in ceiling and needed to be above the TV on the wall not the ceiling. Something about at that damn center speaker..


Some things we asked for in our meeting.

Our soaking tub in the master, asked that the panel to access  the guts be moved over to the smaller wall so that the front of the tub could be tiled and have a flow.

Asked that electrical outlets be moved next to the cable connections in the bedrooms.  They were too far apart for our liking.

Some pipes in the basement hung too low and will be raised a bit.  Hubby says they are drain pipes.

Wow, I am just so impressed at the progress.  Everyone said it would slow down, it hasn't yet.....let's hope we keep chugging along.

Pics to come later, I just bought a kick-butt camera and still am learning on it...

Gonna take the kids out tonite again so they can see the guts before the drywall, they haven't seen it in a week and so much happened..


  1. It looks like we are just a couple of days behind you. We should start drywall on Monday!

  2. What kind of camera did you end up buying?

  3. A powershot Canon XS500......

    i have to read the PDF file to really understand it...