Wednesday, November 7, 2012

RANTS & RAVES...Highs & Lows & away we GO!

Wednesday November 7 - We have begun framing early!

Day 32.

Framing Day 1

After my RANT...... I can again RAVE....

We were scheduled to start framing on Monday and I get a phone call from my PM saying the framing started...TODAY.........say what??  My hubby got right out there to see the Amish framing our home.

We are scheduled to be done by early next week, our framers do not work weekends.

PM said I will be able to lock our rate next week.

I am thrilled.  You wonder to yourself does someone out there in the universe heard my RANT?

Looks like we will have good weather next couple days, no rain, and 10 framers are set to show up on the Lot.

FRAMING DAY ONE, prepping right side of home
Day one framing front of house


Morning room sliding glass doors

Morning room windows facing backyard

Looking out front door 
 I am off tomorrow so I get to spend some time watching the SUN :)

Thanks so everyone for your supports during my RANT, I am sure won't be my last. Hugs to my bloggers.


  1. I'm so glad you now have something to RAVE about! The house is looking good so far! We hope to start framing next week!

  2. Look at you Missy!! Someone heard your RANT from above and you now have framing! You go!! Your lumber sitting in the rain or for two weeks was definitely a deal breaker! Now it's time to RAVE ON!! Have a wonderful day tomorrow watching the action--you might want to take lunch--it's mesmerizing!

  3. YAYYY!!! This is the exciting stuff! :D