Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lumber - Splintered Emotions - Day 24

Day 24 - Tuesday October 30th - Lumber arrives.

I guess while Sandy arrived, so did my Lumber.  My PM called on Halloween to tell me our Lumber arrived.

Which strangely enough does not excited me as there is another home that needs to be framed and Lumber has sat for two weeks now.  I am less than excited to see my lumber sit for so long.  I was told by our PM that another framing crew will be doing ours and he is awaiting a call to see when they will start.

It seems so much subcontracting goes on.........I really wonder WHO is framing these homes?  Is this a framing company?  Do these guys work for RH? Are they independent,...........I think I'll ask...

It's a roller coaster ride for sure.  Today is Sunday, we haven't been out to the Lot since I took these pics on Wednesday because I know it will be weeks before framing is done and since our community works banker hours I certainly know nothing is done on Saturday or Sunday (my pessimistic side coming out) and I feel terrible for the home that is awaiting framing for weeks now.  We have been told that we are on schedule.

I'm home sick :(

Above, funny Egress Escape

Above, my gorgeous view next to my home

Above. my NEW view,...depressing..... the next phase is starting, you forget  the digging will continue
Random stuff going on in the basement.
 Maybe we just need some sun....since Sandy arrived we haven't seen any sun!  Sun is good for the soul.


  1. Hi, I didnt see anyway to contact you in your profile, but if you click on our name/picture youll see a link to email us from there, thanks! Ericka

  2. I can so relate to needing some sun. We've had nothing but clouds since Sandy left. I hope you won't be waiting weeks for framing!

  3. DW, I believe they are subcontractors for RH! They must hire different crews for each aspect of the building process. Each time I have been on site to witness the build none of the trucks were marked Ryan Homes. So I am certain these are subcontractors. It also depends on whether RH wants to pay for additional framing crews in the same community too. Some PMs prefer to work with subcontractors that they are familiar and have a standing relationship with because they understand their work ethics and they may also be a limitation as to the number of subcontractors they can hire for the framing etc. etc Of course, we know each community is different and each PM has his own style for workmanship. The best person to ask is the PM in your community--can't wait to here what he tells you after you talk to him.

    1. R&N are correct. Nobody really works for Ryan Homes directly other than your PM and Sales Rep. I hope you weren't put off by this as most homes are built in such a fashion. Rarely will you get someone that knows every craft. Think about it as Specializations.

      PM's do also have relationships with certain contractors that they prefer, however due to volume and other variables. They have to go searching for other workers to complete homes. An example - In my community houses were framed by 3 groups (Amish, a Western Pa company, and another group of latino workers in unmarked trucks.)They all get paid after they complete work and must return if any issues occur.

      Where you should be concerned..or not

      Quality of Work - This will vary all over your home. My floors are great, My paint job and stain jobs were HORRIBLE. Take RH to task after each job is complete.. This will mitigate the amount of work they need to do pre closing.

      Yourself - I wanted to bring up items to my PM as I saw them, I learned that I have to let them actually build the house. Don't concern yourself with the small insignificant items that probably have yet to be addressed by a crew or your PM. Larger things.. sure.. cracked foundation, broken frame, siding on the wrong side of your house.. bring it up..

      The more you pester your PM, the more they will hate to deal with you.. they will miss your phone calls, ignore you, because now you have become unpleasant to work with. It's a process that requires relationship building and management.

      I'm confident that I have less problems and issues with my house (as opposed to neighbors that have a myriad of issues) because I worked with my PM and not against him. I discussed my expectations and he clarified his.

      Enjoy the Sun.

  4. Megan do your neighbors really have problems? That is the stigma of RH homes I was hoping to avoid.

    Do you really think their houses are of less quality because they were less cooperative? I hope not...

    I hadnt realized RH just goes out and gets just anyone to frame, now I'm very concerned I hadnt done enough homework..