Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Day 45 & 46 - Guardian and HVAC so much progress.

Day 45 was our Guardian Meeting.

It was uneventful.  Although got a little tid bit.

If you have kids that use PS3's in their room it will be better to run ethernet cords to each room as opposed to wireless.

Day 46 we were surprised by HVAC being there and essentially doing it in one day...Amazing!

Day 47 which is Wednesday, they will be doing plumbing.

We plan on spending some time tomorrow (Thanksgiving) when it's quiet taking pictures.  Sorry none for you today.

We also got our garage floor poured and front door installed.  Things are really moving along.
My shower rep, called today and confirmed my Seamless Shower is being processed.  We just have to call him as soon as our tile goes up.
(I stole this pic from Nadase, thanks girl, this is the closest comparison I could find so far)

Can't wait to post the real thing soon :)

Our PM called to schedule our pre drywall today and to let me know they are still working on the concrete driveway approval.

Any Thoughts?


  1. Watch yourself, I know others that tried that and had that cable ripped out. Your safe bet is to get a pvc chase put in from the basement to the attic and make sure that you get one hook up in each spot where you want to run the cat 6. That way its just a fish and altering the plate. Check Monoprice for bulk reels of cable. It'll save you some money. Good luck!

  2. I'm glad you are finally seeing some progress again.