Tuesday, November 20, 2012

NVR surpsise - in a good way. Please read re: rate lock.

Which rate is best?

Surprise Surprise.....

NVR has actually been really really good to me lately....once we got our pre-approval and I started to really understand things, it went pretty smoothly I hope my NVR team continues to exceed my expections.


I was debating whether or not I locked in at the correct rate.

The day I locked there was another rate that involved paying a lil' bit of money to get a lower rate, (I am not posting the rates, I feel it jinxes me.. dont' ask why)

This goes back to wanting to second guess my rate selection THAT day.

Did you know you CAN change your rate with them if it was the same day you locked.  For instance, you know how there are several rates offered in a day, well you can flop back and forth with those rates on the day your locked...

I'll use round numbers....

If you locked on Wednesday and picked 4% with money towards closing.

But on the same day they offered 3% with paying some money upfront to get that rate.

You MAY change your mind between those rates offered on that day.

So now I have some time to decide whether I wish to get money back towards closing or lower my rate.

Hmmm??  The number crunching begins..


Today marks 46 days since we broke ground and still NO electrical or HVAC, hmmm close in 37 days, not looking promising...

We meet today with Guardian, so I will have a follow up later.

BTW, the concrete driveway saga continues.......

My cat wants to be a part of the blogging process.....

Nemmerz wants to blog all the time with me, "why can't we get those nonstandards, no exhausting!"


  1. Love your CAT!! Thanks for the feedback on the rates! We get to lock in our rate at the end of the month!

  2. I hope you continue to have good Stories with NVR.. You havn't started sending them things yet.. just wait..

    My recommendation to you moving forward is when they ask you for documentation make two copies, and the copy you send them, tab it with numbers that correspond to the demand list they send you. I sent some documents 4-6 times =)

    Catz are the best bloggers.

    1. Megan, this is exactly what I started doing! I had to go ole school including hand delivery the package and new school I have files on thumb drive and in an email for back up. The other thing I like to do is follow up and ask do they have the paperwork.

  3. And here I thought we might get a peek at that elusive rate! =). It's nice to know that we have a couple of options on the day that we lock in and that the decision isn't entirely set in stone.

    Cute cat!

  4. M, hahahaha, it's not like I got an unheard of rate...I dunno, I just can't say it out loud...weird huh?