Sunday, November 18, 2012

Single Hung Windows? What happened to double? Oh, and shingles, and not the kind you get from chicken pox!

We were bouncing around our home Saturday afternoon like we always do and decided to test the windows......

Yikes, they are single hung?  No way!

They are PlyGem Builder 2000 Trad. series Vinyl Double Glaze.

I know we were told we were getting double hung, because we asked, as this process goes we are sometimes surprised by the things that they said would be there, ............ that aren't there. 

And what are we really going to do about it now? Nada.

Anybody else get single hung windows?

How the heck am I going to clean these windows? It's a rhetorical question. 

Also, why in the world do they put an "opening" window in the foyer that is 12 feet in the air that I can NEVER open (even our PM agreed with that one, said it's the RH way).


We met with our PM at the house on Thursday, it went well ...he addressed the little things we wanted fixed, twisted boards and what not....

I also asked him about a concrete driveway.

Anyway, the PM is getting a price on a concrete is a nonstandard in our community and we will see the price and if we opt for it...I am guessing a pretty steep price.

I have to say still, we are very happy so far with our PM, he has yet to tell me NO to anything that was nonstandard.......ok, let me take that back, we asked to have the house pushed back for a longer driveway, but that was beyond a nonstandard request.

On Friday November 16th they put the shingles on the roof!  

They are scheduled to pour the garage floor and put in the stairs to the basement on Monday.

Our PM told us to call Guardian and set up an appt.  We meet with Guardian on Tuesday.

I wonder when the front door goes in?

How long does it take to put in the electrical and HVAC?

We have 39 days left?

Is this possible?

Aren't I just full of questions today?


  1. I was shocked about the Single Hung windows as well, I'm surprised they lied to you straight out when you asked them. I have a feeling that the SR didn't know what the difference was.

    Honestly, 39 days isn't a lot. It's quite possible that your PM has the resources lined up to make it happen. Electrical and HVAC should be going in right after they pour your garage floor and up to the week that you have your Pre-Construction meeting. Your Front Door is installed right before the Sheetrock is installed.

    Sorry about the Concrete Driveway. It's my understanding that RH doesn't offer it.. at all in the communities around Western PA. If we wanted one, we would have to pay for it.

    1. J & M, did you get single hung as well?

      Our RH community down the street from us, the driveway was standard concrete, all the phases have concrete.

      Again, it's so funny huh? How diff. things are...

      I'm not too concerned about not meeting our closing date of Dec. 28, I dont think it will happen, but our rate is locked and guaranteed so it's okay if it goes over..

      On a side note, is there a way to get notifications in your emails when other bloggers update their blog?

      I get email notifications when someone responds to my post but not when others do??

      How long does electrical and HVAC typically take to finish?

    2. CMM or Waverly172 might be able to give you more info on the Savoy schedule, I wouldn't guess more than a week tops for the HVAC and Electrical. Usually when Bloggers update their posts I see it in my Dashboard, that's how I can follow new posts. You may be able to Subscribe to certain bloggers somehow and get updates pushed to you when they post.

    3. J & M, yup I usually just check my dashboard, but I feel like a "creeper"....

      (AKA Eric Church"

    4. I got concrete, but it was a last minute pre-con meeting addendum change, cost $1,500. Online quotes in my area rang in at $3,000. So it seems like a good deal. Double-hung windows didn't even occur to me though... I'm going to check in on that! Thanks!!!

  2. Things at your house are definitely going up/in at a different order than at our house. For example, we already have a front door and our basement floor and steps have already been completed. We have a roof, but no shingles yet. Our HVAC and electrical stuff should be going in starting Monday. Also, Guardian called US to schedule the appointment, we didn't have to call them. It still boggles my mind how differently things are done depending on your PM, community, and/or region.

    I hope the price for the concrete driveway isn't too steep.

    1. M, things really are so got your sidewalk but not shingles? HUH? Go figure?

      I have to try to not to compare to others as far a timeframe, you just never know...

      Thanks for the input.

      Hoping the concrete price doesn't take our breathe away, but I'm guessing it will, we have a super short driveway though.

  3. I have complained to RH about them not offering Dbl Hung windows... to anyone that would listen! I find it absurd that they don't even offer them as an option, especially since replacing windows with the ones you really want is going to be a large expense.

    I am also upset that the windows they do offer don't have child safeties on them. That is something that I think with the people that are purchasing these homes would want to have on the windows, especially on the second floor. I don't have kids yet, but if and when I do, those windows will stay shut & locked at all times until they are old enough to understand how high off the ground the windows really are.

    And another point about the windows - they only come in white. Is it really that much to ask for a little variety on the windows?

    1. Aand M,
      I hadn't thought about the child locks, I more referred to them as thieves not getting in....and crack your window a bit, I had never thought of them as child locks, you are completely right..

      Colors would have been nice and also make our communities not so cookie cutter and more unique (sorry for the expression, I fight that description all the time with friends/family)

      It's all about the assembly moving along smoothly, any variation I imagine takes's my guess..

      We looked at many other builders that offered more in their selections but the size of the home didn't compare to RH. We had made our pro and con list way back, and decided we would give up some custom looks to get the inside we wanted...

      It sure is a roller coaster, you look back and say....did I make the right decision and then the next day say........Heck yeah right decision....

      I wouldn't give up this experience for anything, it's challenging and interesting.....just today I was like, crap my kitchen is going to be really "dark" what have I done...we laugh and say this is our learning curve for our next house...not sure that will ever happen...but when we will old everyone tells us we will want a

  4. I knew on the get-go that we were getting single-hung windows and I asked about having them changed. Of course, I got a no on that.

  5. We were told that the windows would be single-hung windows with the bottom window flipping outward for cleaning. I intend to keep the windows upstairs locked for my grandchildren's guest room. It would be nice to have the double hung windows where both sashes move; however, I will entertain myself with the single hung with the flipped bottom to clean the windows with ease. Never had either one but it's nice to have something different.

    BTW--DW, you are right on....this is a learning curve for all of us. So we might as well just enjoy it, have fun every moment we can and give thanks we are building our new homes because so many cannot at this time especially with the low interest rates they are offering. lol smiley face.

  6. Nadase, you are staying away from your house for a few weeks? Are you crazy woman....why, what's the theory?

  7. Did they ever change those single hung windows, or were they adamant that those were the original windows provided for the model? I hope you got them to change it to what you want, rather than having to pay extra for something that was promised to you in the first place.

  8. It does seem weird to install a window that you can’t reach. Maybe a skylight or just an install to let the light in the house and such. But still…

    As for the windows, I hope you were able to have them changed without extra charges. And it’s too bad about the driveway. It would look quite nice, and it does add a lot to the curb appeal.