Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Backfilled and Hurricane Sandy arrives.

Day 20 - October 26th our Lot gets backfilled.

No more mounds of dirt and bare basement walls, we are underground.

Day 23 - 24 - October 29- 30th HURRICANE SANDY ARRIVES

We seemed to have faired well, we are all safe, have power and no real damage just a lot of rain, and even more rain to come until Friday.  Kids school was cancelled today. Halloween postponed until Saturday.

I imagine my Lot is a mud pit!

Wood was scheduled to be delivered this week, I can only assume that it will be pushed back a week, since our home isn't framed, I have not contacted our PM abut our delay as I am sure people who are only half framed had much more concern than me .......therefore I rather not take away time from those people with much more serious concerns.

I may take a ride out to my lot today is see how that community faired the storm so far, it is 30 minutes away so you just never know.

My next door neighbor had problems with water in his back yard, I wonder what happened with this storm??


  1. The weather these past two months has really impacted some of our builds. I hope they get to yours soon! It must be frustrating, since it's all out of your control. I know I hate that. Our community lost power and we are worried that the basement took water. We aren't sure if the battery back up (standard in our community) was installed yet.

    1. Catherine, are you going to find out today if your house is ok?

    2. Yes. Dan left a message with our PM so we are waiting to hear back. I will probably head out there later.... If the winds die down some. Lake Erie is wreaking havoc here. We currently live just 2 blocks away from one of the marinas....I went down yesterday and took video of how intense the water was, and tht was before the main hit. But, we know we are lucky. So many hit way worse.