Monday, October 8, 2012

We have struck COAL - that's why the delay!

Yup we struck coal!! COAL.

Remember I was wondering why Nadase and everyone broke ground and I didn't have footers.

Well, when I ask in the below pic "what am I standing in?"....well......they had to STOP because they hit COAL!

Apparently when that happens certain inspectors have to come in and get authorization to continue digging...

This costs Ryan another $10,000.00.........

So we had another face to face meeting with our PM today....regarding wiring issues and some other things. It's so nice to sit down face to face, I feel like I get so much accomplished.

I got the fireplace switch moved away from side of fireplace, I hated it there, it screamed look at my FAKE fireplace.

Got 3 Pendant light rough ins above island, which...FYI is not the same as recessed lights, you cannot put in a pendant light in a recessed light outlet, they are two different outlets types...again something that would have been missed without this meeting.

We got a Study, but decided to not upgrade it to the "study" which involved at $795 upcharge for the FRENCH DOORS, we figured we would do it ourselves for less and not roll in our mortgage. I asked the PM today if he could make the opening to the Study as if they would be putting in the french doors (hence the upcharge without the actual doors)  He said yes and that he would go one step further, he made a phone call right there, said he could get french doors delivered to our home after closing to fit that opening for approx. $300........Cha Ching.........Sold!!

Now onto something kinda


ahhhh, as my heart swells, love em'

They just started offering these in our plan, we were the first to purchase them, we have a open foyer with a small loft at the top, lots of ballisters...........cost was approx. $1000.00...well there was a big mix up in pricing and the cost is really $4000......say what?.....yup....$4000 but since my SR was unaware of such an upcharge I am not getting charged extra, therefore only spending the original $1000 quoted....Ill take it.

Sorry RH, I seemed to have COST you some money today.


Our PM is awesome, made another phone call to the granite company and we are more than welcome to go out and pick out our slab of granite.

Also, people remember to get rid of that SOAP DISH with your ceramic tile bathroom and ask for a ledge instead....

I am also now looking into glass seamless showers.....I dont like the silver frame around my stand up shower to I am looking into installing the seamless glass...


Dont you love my bathroom............believe me?......Nah didnt think so, but aint it beautiful :)?

Ok, more realistic.....on Overstock $862.00....
Nadase, I know you gonna love this!!  You get the idea...

TWO MORE EXAMPLES, URRGG I WANT SEAMLESS SHOWER...I will let you know how my request goes....
Door Panel Return Panel

Door Panel Return

And the packing continues, we move out this weekend, dropped more stuff at my mom's tonite...oh my gosh, such a tiny space....

In conclusion, awesome day.....I should have footers this week sometime and this wont push back my schedule at all...........


  1. Those metal ballisters are awesome, so much character! And even better that you got them for a deal ;)

  2. Geesh, where do I start DW! You had a mighty interesting DAY! Wow, they struck COAL! How is this going to affect your building schedule and how long does it take to dig through it?


    Thanks for the tip on the fireplace switch, I need to take a trip to the office before our electrical wiring meeting.

    AND I am in love with those metal ballisters! It was one of the first options I asked about at the table. Our community hasn't gotten up to speed/trend yet; however, all the builders in this surrounding neighborhood offers them. I want the dusty grayish/platinum color to contrast with my espresso. AND the seamless shower frames, YES!! I get the IDEA!! I was complaining about not getting the ORB shower frame and DH said not to worry because he can install the seamless frames. They are so beautiful! AND I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING THOSE FOOTERS!

  3. I love the designs, I am trying to get our glass company to upgrade me to the seamless/frameless shower, but Im not very optimistic.

  4. Love the seamless glass shower. Definitely on the "some day" list for our house too!

  5. I love the framless showers! I had one in my old house and I miss it soooo much. I'm not a big fan of our new shower :(.

  6. Well I have a call into the glass installers and Im trying to work my magic outside of RH...they are the company that installs them, so does it really matter to RH if I choose to upgrade on my own and pay a co. a little extra to install something else....

    I should get a return phone call tomorrow from the company, they asked alot of questions with alot of info on the lot and whatnot, we will see....

    As the night goes on, I really want this....and hope im not terribly disappointed...

    1. It doesn't matter to RH if it is done after closing. You would have to put in a special request to get RH to get the frames from them. Is the company worldwide? What is their website?

      Btw: I will take your date any day lol

  7. We are using those balusters too...they are awesome and add so much to the open foyer!

  8. So what exactly do they do differently if they're framing those openings to accept doors later? I was actually pondering doing that as well, so any specifics you could give me would be great. I think the PM would be open to it as long as it isn't a big deal.

  9. If you dont get the doors to the opening to the "study" it will be larger and higher and you will have to frame it in later to fit the doors you pick.

    I just asked our PM if you could prep the room if he WAS putting in the doors, he was fine with fact he went one step further and offered to order the door for us after closing and have it delivered free of charge and we could just pay the door company directly....Now this is AFTER closing of course.

    Therefore, the opening to the study will be able to accept the french will have to do some baseboard work and cut away at the drywall that frames the doorway to expose the studs to attach the doors...
    We love DIY stuff and have every tool under the sun, so its nice to put a little bit of our own sweat into the house...

    Update on the frameless doors, the Glass Co. is on board and fine with doing an upgrade for us, but they are now calling my PM and try to get dimensions from him so they can price out the upcharge for us...........BUT.......I am guessing my PM will say no....We all know RH doesnt like to do things during construction only AFTER....but I just dont seem the point in ripping out a perfectly good shower I paid for and paying again for another.....I just cant do it, will have to be now or NOT at crossing my fingers, the Glass company said give them until friday to get an answer and quote for me.....but I think my PM will squash it before it gets that far....

    Any feedback ya'll??

  10. DW, if your heart says YES for the frameless showers and they are what you desire! Go for it! RIP THEM OUT! Those frameless showers are beautiful.

    And besides people order laminate for the kitchen counter tops and RIP THEM OUT right after closing to get the granite counter tops they really want. I really don't like the showers that are being installed and I thought I wanted the ORB but now, I will go back to the original plan for a frameless shower. The ORB will not go with the interior design I finalized for our master bathroom. They will give the bathroom the professional look I am going after especially since it is smaller than most I have seen. The frameless doors will give the illusion that the bathroom is larger. I am also ripping out the standard carpet that is being installed in the basement for the patterned carpet I saw at the flooring company (CTI). lol smiley face

  11. Nadase, well I am still waiting for an answer to see if I can get the glass installers to substitute them during the build....we will see...

    Today is moving day and im a complete wreck....