Sunday, October 7, 2012

Savoy Elevation E found online!

What a day.

Been packing up my existing house all day.  We move out in less than a week....which will give me plenty of time to obsess over the new home.

Anywayz...............I was just checking the Blog tonite and found a better pic of our home....

This is it.........but different brick color!!  This was also built in PA close to us, how ironic!

I am super excited looks more fancy than I thought ...woo hoooooo make my evening...

BTW, Mom love you so very much :)


  1. Getting countdown to work..

    Nadase, I have been going into my layout, picking ADD A GAGET in a selection section,,.....go into make your own gadget.....cut and paste my chosen countdown
    URL in the box.....hit end and iy tells me illegal...

    here is what i am pasting..

    Anybody suggestions??

    Wow, OK, I just cut and pasted my URL in this box to show you guys and the site told me TAG IS NOT ALLOWED:DIV...............


  2. Ok, here is the missing step:

    Go to your layout, click add a gadget, scroll down until you see: html/javascript - third party, click the plus sign button, paste your countdown URD in the box and SAVE

    That should DO IT!

  3. Woo Hooo Nadase, you rock

    Looky at me.......a countdown....woot woot!!!

  4. Alright, Alright, Alright....the countdown is ON! I am so excited to see the WIDGET!! AND your home will be finished before mines according to our clocks. You have 81 days and I have 99!

    I want to close on December 28 too! :-(
    My PM keeps telling me it has to remain for January 15. We shall see.

  5. I think our they mixed up our dates should be reversed LOL