Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Update day 12 - will we see if they keep the promise.

I call this day 12 since we broke ground on October 4th.

As ya'll know we hit coal and there was a delay.

PM called yesterday and said the dug past the coal the digging is done and today should be footers.

I will take a ride out later and check to see if anything has been done.....since it's Tuesday I would think progress would continue throughout the week, but I don't hold my breath...

Still waiting on the Glass Company to get back to me about my frameless  shower, he said he would get back to me Friday, its Tuesday so I made a call and left a message, again 'Im not optimistic...

The move went as a move should go, hectic and back breaking, we are in at my mom's, but not out of boxes yet, just no real room here, some boxes will have to be lived in..

Emotional I am having a better day today, I must warn you guys, that will change daily...

I hope to post pics later if there is progress...

OH.........and my closing on my old house is Thursday, I decided NOT to attend and sign and notarize my papers before hand, it just doesnt interest me to be there.....happy for new owners, and grateful for them, but no need to torture myself...

It's 9am, lets see what today holds............


  1. YAY!!! DW! Progress has been made: footers today and closing on Thursday.

    So happy they made it through the COAL! You will definitely see some progress on your LOT today so don't forget to bring your camera. We want to see some pictures! Pretty smart of you to not be present on Thursday.

  2. I am really for you. I bet the past 2 weeks have been torturous! Lots of changes will come quickly now. Keep us posted!

  3. I hope they are able to make some progress!! I know closing on your old house is a little bittersweet. I don't blame you for not going.