Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Footers - I have Footers - Day 12! Update Frameless Shower & Granite Co.

12 days after breaking ground I finally have footers!

Finally a lot visit worthy of sharing!

My Egress window, let's just throw 9 $100 bills on top of it why dont we?? LOL

So happy to see footers!!! If I had to guess I am to the left of my front porch in front on my Study window.
Seems they did so deep

Now that's a lot of dirt

How cool is this, how far they dug down, all the different shades of the earth...ok sounds corny, but true.

Frameless Shower update:

I called the Glass Co. today and they still have not gotten a hold my PM, he was going to try again today.

The rep. says there is no reason to NOT get the upgrade, he doesnt believe there is any good reason for my PM to say NO!!

He indicates how wasteful it would be to put in a framed shower only to rip it out, also........... some good advice...

The shower must be prepared differently for a frameless shower, it is 2x the weight of the framed one and must be supported so the shower has to be done a little differently.  They also like to do it last but suggested to me that the tile surround be put in 3 weeks prior to closing since that will be the last thing to be installed...  and also in December they run about 3 weeks out for installation, they dont come out to the home to do a final measurement until the tile is done, soo...in order to complete the shower before the closing the tile will have to go up first week of december to NOT hold up closing (Dec 28), we dont want that to happen. 

I dont know how our PM will like that request.....

Anyone know typically when they tile the shower?????

Granite Slab Update

Called our granite company today and we are more than welcome to come out anytime to pick our slab of granite, we will go first week of december!!

Old House Closing Update

Closing thursday.............I opted to sign all my papers today and gave over my keys tonite :(...sad face............BUT......followed by my happy face :) when get check for profit on Friday :)

Productive Day, good thing I was Off today.........we will stop out the Lot tomorrow to see what else happens .....


  1. WOW! What a lovely post and pictures? Love the earth pictures!!! So happy you had a productive fun day!! You look very happy in the picture!!

  2. Woweee. First attempt to comment. So nice to see you smile ! I know you and each of these ever so small accomplishments mean ever HUGE progress !

  3. Still working out the'I am new to your blog' kinks....hope this posts

  4. Our shower was tiled about one month before settlement (see my timeline here: http://movingtothecountryryanhomes.blogspot.com/p/timeline.html). I agree the frameless shower looks so much better!

  5. Colette, thanks so much for that information, makes me feel better...

    I did just get a call and my seamless shower got APPROVED..woo hoo

    the glass company is just worried that in december that time of year everyone pushes to get their house done and since our closing is dec. 28th he says the tile must be up first week of december or this seamless shower is going to push back our closing.....since the co. goes out 3 weeks ahead of time to measure and he needs those 3 weeks to order the glass...oh boy I am pushing it now arent I??...tempting fate!!

  6. How did you find out who the granite company is and who your glass company is for the shower??? We'd love to try the same and have already asked our PM, but he said it's not an option so we'd like to contact the companies themselves.

    1. Ask your sales rep who the companies are, they have to tell you! Then just call yourself, both companies were so very nice to us. I have said sometimes when you do the legwork yourself how can they say NO? As far as the shower, it did NOT impact RH at all, we simply paid the difference to Rex Glass up front and they installed a frameless instead of a framed shower. I don't see how RH could have said NO, they had to do nothing extra....dont give up on the frameless shower.......it's still my absolute favorite thing in the house. Oh if for some reason the sales rep does not want to give you the info, ask your neighbors, they will all GLADLY tell you.....let me know how it goes :)