Saturday, October 20, 2012

Timeline Update

July 22, 2012      Meet for first time with our SR at our community Model Home

July 28, 2012     Signed Agreement with Ryan

August 1            Made more Ryan Selections

August 2            Rusmur Flooring meeting and selections

August 6             Meet with NVR Mortgage at the Model

August 11           Our 14 day limit on any structural changes

August 13            Guardian Meeting at the Model

August 14            Electrical Meeting with SR

August 17             Put our Home up FOR SALE

August 20             SOLD OUR HOME (3 DAYS)

August 27             Our 30 days limit to make an selection changes

September 18        NVR Approved (took 43 days)

September 19        Pre-Construction Meeting

October 1              Staked out Lot

October 4              BROKE GROUND

October 8              Another Meeting with my PM about misc things

October 16            Poured Footers (12 days no progress from breaking ground)

October 17            Gravel placed on Lot

October 18             Closing on OLD House.........SOLD

October 19              Forms got delivered to site

October 22              Forms get filled with concrete with pumper truck

October 23              Forms get removed, we have solid basement walls, Egress window installed, more
                                gravel dropped off a sight.


  1. Wow! Such a relief to have your house sold, right? Ours closed on the 17th and I instantly felt better, even though I cried for 3 days straight! Your new house will start moving quickly now so that will keep your mind busy...wondering "what did they do today?" and "did we make the right selections?" and "how are we going to live in these small quarters for 2 more months?"..... Oh, that just might be me!

  2. Nope Catherine, that is .......ME TOO!! Our progress is just so damn slow....I don't have to wonder "what did they do today?" because it's the weekend, and they shut down! So weekends actually drag a bit, wow I bet not too many people say that!!

    How are you enjoying your cozy Fam life??