Thursday, October 18, 2012

Gravel - Day 13!

Wednesday marks 13 days since breaking ground and this day we got Gravel...preparing to pour the basement walls..

Exciting right??...not so much LOL

They pulled out the frames around the footers and are filling in with gravel.

They won't put up the basement walls until Monday.

Here are some pics of my gravel, what can I say, we gotta document things :)

 We arrived while they were dumping more gravel...

 Our view of the farm .....for now...

View from our backyard, we wont see rows and rows of houses, if you can see in the background there is a little orchard....

We will are going to take the kids out this weekend to see the progress....

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  1. I really like those pictures! I think it's really cool to see the inner workings of your home coming together.