Sunday, October 21, 2012

Forms arrive - Day 15 - Slow Moving - Seamless Shower APPROVED!

Day 15 since ground breaking(Oct 4th).

Our forms for the basement walls were delivered friday and will poured on Monday Oct. 22

Yes... I am about to post more pics than I should be.... Nadase, another Blogger told me I can turn my blog into a blurb which is in book form afterwards, so I am trying to make it informational for later as we look back.

 You have to look for the excitement within.

My son standing over our large hole...soon to be basement.

 My sons decided to pick up a piece of coal as a keepsake, we are going to put it in a baseball case, a piece of our new beginning.

Say goodbye to the Seamed Shower...

I basically contacted the glass company did all the leg work myself and approval was a no suggestion...if anyone wants a nonstandard try doing the legwork yourself, the less your PM has to do the better chance of getting some nonstandards, they have better things to do....really they do....just my feeling and experience.

examples of a Seamless shower


This is an example of a Seamed Shower door..........notice the difference?

I am sooo happy to get his nonstandard approval......


  1. Congrats on getting the seamless shower approved!

  2. That's going to look really sharp. Nice work! :)

  3. Lucky you. I got a big fat "NO" on the seamless shower request.

  4. DW, this makes a the difference in the world to get a nonstandard request approved! SCORE FOR YOU! You bathroom is going to be the BOMB! I can't wait to see it installed. Great Job on doing the foot work!

  5. Carly why did you get a NO, did you contact your glass company directly?

    Nadase, when you get a sec, can you send me info on how to turn our blog into a book when we are done building?

  6. LOVE the seamless shower!!! Great score and smart of you to do the leg work yourself. Husband and I did some of your own soundproofing of interior walls last week. I'm about to blog about that. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, right?

  7. I don't remember the reason for the "no" was by now. I didn't even think of doing the legwork myself. Maybe I should have. Oh well.

  8. Catherine, what kind of soundproofing are you speaking of?? Im curious.

  9. DW, we were told that home depot sells R13 sound barrier insulation that helps deaden (though not 100%) the noise. Since our studs were 24" on center, we bought faced insulation in that width. It was SO easy to put in. We just used a staple gun to secure each piece in a few places. We did our sons room and media room in less than an hour one evening after work. Cost about $120 but I know we won't regret it. We thought about buying more and doing the same around the bathrooms (know what I mean?) but we didn't.

  10. Catherine, forgive me, I'm kinda lost, you did this yourselves during the framing process?? While still building :) Maybe its late and my brain is dead...LOL

  11. Yes we did! We were told when the insulation inspection would be done so that night, we went in and added our extra. The next day the drywaller was scheduled to start so we had a small window to get in there. And now, house is all drywalled and our insulation is in;)