Sunday, October 7, 2012

Breaking Ground!

We broke ground on Thursday Oct. 4th just like the told us long ago two months ago....on the exact day, maybe this is a good sign, but I dont have a timeline from here...LOL...Hope to get one on Monday from my PM.

I have to say I'm a little competitive,  just a little bit..hehehehe.... and I see so many others on here break ground one day, then in goes the footers like next day.....NOT ME!!

Nadase, your winning....LOL

I love watching everyone's progress but I love to "Keeping up with the Jones's" as the saying goes...

And I cant get my damn countdown to work...urrgghhh!!

Ok, so I can really tell you where some of my stress is steming from..............WE SOLD OUR HOME!!

We sold it back in August.

Yup, it sold 3 days after we listed it, but I didnt want to jinx anything because this buyer killed me with 6 inspections total on my home.......!!  With in the end nothing really to FIX....

So, we close on October 18th and are moving in with my mother on Oct. 14th, soooooo, Im a little stressed with moving right this Blog is my lifeline to why I am doing all this reality check !!!

BUT, I am super grateful that we wont have 2 mortgages to carry but moving out of one house into a storage unit, then only taking very little things with you to live for the next 3 months with kids gets to ya sometimes....and I am super grateful to my MOM for taking us on .....its a lot of ppl in one small space...did I mention ONE BATHROOM for 5 ppl.....interesting huh??

OK, so onto some pics, just some dirt, but as many of us had said....its OUR dirt

You think the dirt is piled kinda high?

 I do  not know what kind of hole I am standing in.....does anybody know?

 I hope I get to keep my sign, I would think they leave it there till the house is done.?

Sooo much dirt to move, hmmmmm where will they put it all??

Next move our electrical meeting with our PM on monday, those werent ready at our preconstruction meeting....


  1. Congrats on breaking ground... and on selling your house! Not having the stress of two mortgages will be so nice!

  2. Alright, Alright Alright!! The HOUSE is SOLD!!! Congratulations, DW!

    You are absolutely adorable in that picture....the beginnings of your new HOME! YAY!!

    You can expect lots of progress this week!! AND YES, I am in the LEAD!! HOLLA1

    Now go back to my page and look at my tab for directions on how to get your countdown set UP!!

  3. We need to light fires under our crews so we can catch up with Nadase! lol Congrats on the hole! :)

  4. Amanda I know.......right!!! Altho Nadase kinda has waited a little longer than I guess.......we can give her a lead :)

    Nadase, I followed your directions, it was just like MYSPACE used to be but it keeps telling me illegal action..urgghhh...I cant figure it out...

  5. Congrats on selling your house! I had trouble with my countdown clock as well. My Hubby did it. He said he added the HTML/Java Script app and then added the address from the countdown place in it. Good Luck!


    Ps: hope you get your footers soon!