Thursday, October 25, 2012

Waterproofing - Day 19 - Who else is worried about Sandy?

Day 19 - Wednesday Oct 25 Waterproofing of the basement walls.

Nothing too exciting....but progress.

My PM told me yesterday our lumber should be delivered next week, although that doesn't tell me much since the house being framed right now sat there for 3 weeks with lumber on their Lot.

Ok, so anyone else watching Hurricane Sandy and wonder how it will affect us??  Sounds like it could get pretty nasty and hit many of us here on the blog in the states they say it may hit...Ohio, PA, Maryland, DC, New York, Virginia.

Front door and left side of house - ABOVE. 

 ABOVE - standing in front of the garage. No Waterproofing is attached there.
Above - left side of house

Inside of theJG Waterproofing, wonder who does their marketing? Lol :)


  1. We are a little concerned about Sandy. We are hoping the storm isn't too bad and that it doesn't slow our progress much since we just got started.

  2. We are hoping Sandy makes other plans! We are in central New Jersey just minutes from the ocean. Our new home is an hour or so south, and we hope it fares well should Sandy grace us with her presence. Stay safe everyone.

    1. Jennifer, i pray you all are safe today. I know here in NE Ohio it was bad so I can't even imagine what you are dealing with.

  3. Yes, hopefully Sandy will divert your direction between now and next week. But here is the good part--if she does arrive at least she won't be raining down on your lumber!! Nice progress! Waterproofing looks good.

  4. We're keeping an eye on Sandy! We're at the framing stage right now. I hope Sandy changes her plans and makes a sharp turn to the east. Stay safe!

  5. Here's hoping Sandy heads east. We are supposed to break ground next week and I don't envision that happening in a torrential downpour!

  6. I'm in Charlotte, NC and I was worried yesterday after watching weather reports. Hoping that Sandy doesn't cause too much delay or damage.

  7. It doesnt look like Sandy is gonna give us Northern Eastern people a break!....Suposed to land tomorrow about 6pm....

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  9. We are building in Pittsburgh - and I think you are too, right? Can I ask - did they give you a sump pump for the basement? Just curious, they said we wouldn't get one so I'm asking around :)

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