Sunday, March 15, 2015

Vintage Airplane Decor, What do you think?

I was not planning on doing vintage airplane decor in my study.

But it is hubby's line of work so when we found this pic, we had to have it, now how the hell to build around it??

Here are some pics, I have tapped off what would be the size of the two propellers I am thinking about ordering online.

I dont have vision when they are NOT in front of me, please give me any thoughts if this will work at all??? Because these are custom made and dont think they can be returned. Please be honest.

 3 propellers?
Above, a single propeller?

Above, the 3 propellers??
Single propeller??
above, the pic on top of the shelving may have to come down???.. Single propeller.

Above, the wall in question!! Above the chair.


  1. I like the three propellers. They mimic the picture. We hung a replica propeller on our study wall. My boyfriend would love to find a real one to display.

  2. I like the 3 propellers as well. It's a pretty cool piece on the wall, for sure. Love you blog - we're currently building in've given some GREAT tips!

    1. Thanks Rynney, good luck building,I actually think its a pretty cool process. Do you have a blog I can follow?

  3. At the risk of a double post (on my phone and not a technical genius) I sure do! The address is Wish I was more savvy in how these blogs work but I missed that class along with why Twitter exists...

  4. Go with the triple prop for sure! Very cool. I would definitely take the picture down above the bookshelf. Do you have somewhere else to hang the pic. your hubby is holding? I think it will get lost beside the prop, as they are not of similar scale. It may look off balance. I know you didn't ask this...but may I suggest a little color in the room, as there is a lot of brown. Maybe a nice pillow in the leather chair and possibly some colored boxes or jars that can be used for storage, on the bookshelves! :) just my two cents worth!

    1. Suntan I love you...LOL, thats the kind of feedback I LOVE. This room I just designed all WRONG! The shelves are too high and nonfuncationally, needed something much longer along that wall and shorter, this is my problem room and Im lost LOL, that why I HATE adding anything to it cause its looks like such a decor mess. Thanks for any input its great to see others vision, cause this room is a disater.