Tuesday, March 17, 2015

DIY BASEMENT FINISHED WALK IN PANTRY CLOSET! (it's the small things in life)

We are on some of those finishing touches in our DIY finished basement.

I begged hubby to give me a nice "walk in ish" type of closet in the basement, even though it took away from his "bar area" to build me this closet, but really.........."what's more important?".

Our pantry in our kitchen is nonexistent.   Although if I stopped going to COSTCO this may not pose such an issue.

LIKE HOW DID WE GET ALL THIS STUFF???? And I'm no pack rat, I throw away EVERYTHING!

Anywhoo, I know this is not super exciting for ya'll but I wanted to share anyhow :)

Pre shelves

Here is a little tip, use one of this side ancors as a template

To use as template, cut off the ends so that you can pencil mark on the wall where it needs to be instead of measuring so much.

Using the template, pre - drill the hole, (also using a small level to make sure shelves are level, remove the template, make you larger holes, tap in the given nails, and there you have your side braces.

Tapping in nails with hammer after pre drilling,
then slide shelves down into place. (not forgetting
the back smaller braces needed along back wall)

Aww first shelf done.

Awww now finished project!!
Ran about $200! Shelving ain't cheap.

Now  I need to figure out how to organize all my stuff, I really want some "see thru" baskets/bins for some things so I don't look like such a mess, you know how that happens, any suggestions on cheap "see thru" bins??


  1. that's awesome ! Great job guys. Yes you need some kind of clear bins - or labeling. Cause you know when you send one of the GUYS down to get you something the answer will be "I can't find it" !! GRAMZ

  2. Awesome!! You could now go to Costco every weekend and enjoy their buffet while u r there!!

    1. Ritz, you are right about the buffet. Odd though, there are two that we do to..Robinson and Waterfront and the Waterfront always has an awesome "buffet" but Robinson sucks. But I really need to stay out of there!!

  3. Awesome job! For the bins, you may be able to land some from the Container Store.

  4. Very nice. This is your basement?...hubby dry walled and framed a door and you have wood down there?? Soooo nice!