Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Advice - need better shelving - not wires!

We are trying to organize our new closets in our new basement.

I hate our wire shelving upstairs, they are so unsturdy.

Anybody else use solid shelving for your pantry or closets that arent like the "fancy" ones ya know.

I dont need an fancy walk in organization thingy just some sturdy shelving.

Anybody else hate the wire shelving?


  1. Hate wire shelving. In our old Ryan home we replaced all the closets, pantry, everything, with Closets To Go. They arent' expensive like California Closets because you measure, design, and install these yourself. The people who bought our old Ryan said the closets were a deciding factor because they looked so nice and custom. We just did our entire master closet in our new Ryan with nice dark wood, a hamper, a hutch, cabinets, shelving, you name it, for $1,600. That may be fancier than you're looking for; in that case, I'd recommend Closet Maid. I think you can get them from Home Depot.

  2. Hate the wire shelving, mynfood falls over in the pantry! I will check closets to go..

  3. Agreed! They are most problematic in the pantry, haven't had too many issues in the closets, but still would like to eventually replace.

  4. I designed my closet using the system from Lowe's and I love it. The first guy didn't install it on studs but I had someone come in and re-do it and add more shelves for my shoes. I love it and it cost me less than $750 total even after the repairs. I will post a blog about it in a few days so you can see the finished result.