Sunday, December 14, 2014

KITCHEN BLING FOR XMAS..aka new backsplash.

My favorite saying I steal from Lowes........


That's us, we just cant keep still.

This was by far the EASIEST, FASTEST project in our home yet. Tiled on a friday night in 4.5 hours.

Saturday grouted, wiped down, let stand over night, wiped down again Sunday AM. DONE :)

We have granite countertops and we HAD the granite backsplash.  Well the granite backsplash HAD to come off, it actually comes off pretty easy, with a putty knife and crow bar.

 We did NOT damage our walls, but couldn't really save the granite, it cracked into a few various pieces.  But we didnt want it anywayz.

Here are some pics of my NEW BLING. WE LOVE IT.

Before Bling

Above, we loosened with a putty knife first.

Above, then use a crow bar ever to easy to not damage the wall.

Above, what wall looks like AFTER removal of granite backsplash, pretty good shape 

 Here she is, my new look.

Ahhh love my new bling!  It's my christmas Jewelry.


  1. WOW! Very nice. It makes your kitchen sing

  2. Great job, you inspire me to want to do this project myself!!

  3. I never know what I will see when I come thru the door!! Great job guys - I love it too.

  4. i love it! was thinking of doing ours next week. really pretty!

  5. This looks great!! Really pops! I also like the wreaths on the morning room windows. (Not to self for next year!)

  6. So so pretty. We r building a Ryan home in Pittsburgh. I would love to do backsplash asap too coz we cook A LOT. but with absolute lack of diy skills have to find someone to do it. Your blog is awesome :)

    1. Thanks Star!! Wish I had more to blog about, but as you know, with this winter so damn cold and cant really like cut tile or wood outside with saws ya know. We have to install a new railing in our newly finished basement and too damn cold to do anything outside. We learned NOT to cut in the house, leaves too much of a film. we recently painted our bathroom but how exciting is that REALLY? LOL. I will have to follow your blog. Do you have a blog?

    2. Love this! We were just talking about doing something similar :-)

  7. Hi DW. I had a question, Did you guys use a wet saw to make the cuts when you needed?? We are closing next month and plan to do this the first thing. We asked Ryan not to put in the Granite backsplash at all. TIA