Thursday, November 21, 2013

Pathetic Xmas Tree, Xmas Decor, Painting!

You know how you had your old home decorated just right for XMAS, now we have these new homes and like...........NOTHING works..hahaha, this house is bigger and everything gets lost.

Hence my pathetic Xmas tree :(  I looks so tiny. Now I'm NOT done with it yet, but I'm uninspired since nothing I do with make it .......well....bigger!

Ok, this is AFTER my intial post today, found this star at Hobby Lobby, makes the tree much better, it's not
so Pathetic, sorry tree you just needed more bling.

So here are some pics that I am excited about. Me and my mom shopped for hours at Michaels and Home Goods, JoAnn Fabrics and Kirklands to find stuff to decor my foyer.  Here is our "first year" look, as they years grow it will only get fancier. LOL

Hours of attaching knick knacks to the garland.  Thanks MOM xoxoxo

Next year this garland will be fuller, I learned how only AFTER we installed them!  I will just intertwine two together.

My new favorite things are Lanterns, Im addicted to them!  These were from Ikea and sat on my patio until winter then I just decorated them for XMAS. I love Laterns!  Hubby says no more damn Lanterns, but I only have TWO, oh wait three LOL. My mom does all the ribbons and creative stuff.

Also we painted our first room. Living room.

Living room BEFORE

Living Room AFTER, its a greenish beige. Finally some color!
Ok NOW, we are painting our morning room RED, yup RED. Im scared, but so many others here in our plan have done their morning rooms in RED, Im going for it!  PICS to come.

For now here is my color scheme for downstairs.

Here is the Brick Dust color and Taupe idea I stole from a neighbor and how they meet up together. (yup she is ok with it, she gave me paint)!  That way I figure I can't go wrong! The red will be in the morning room and kitchen in the TAUPE color. 

Here is the color palette for downstairs.........looks good on this drywall. LOL I can't believe I am painting RED. Someone talk me into it!

Oh and creaking floors, in my next post!


  1. Love the Christmas decorations! We didn't have much space for decorations at our old house so we need tons of stuff. We bought a 7.5 foot tree that I'm hoping we will be able to put up in the family room. Time will tell though because the cat seems to think he's a goat... He eats the needles off of the fake tree and then gets sick everywhere. You'd think he'd learn, but he doesn't... So the tree may end up in the master bedroom since he's not allowed in there.

    We were never really fans of the color red until we moved into the new house. We have red accents in the kitchen because it looks really good with the espresso cabinets... and we have a dark red accent wall in the family room with dark red curtains. I say go for it!

    1. My cat loves to rub on the fake tree! Doesnt eat it though.
      We now have THREE trees. Living room, morning room and high in the foyer. I have one left to decorate, I was just too excited to wait to decor for XMAS, plus its taken me a solid week to get this far.
      YUP, it's gonna be a red room next week, you know I'll be posting.

  2. Beautiful!!! I can't believe you have decorated already! It looks great! The paint colors are a great choice too! Very neutral-goes with everything!!

    1. Melissa, You gotta come up this weekend. Call me!

  3. DW your home looks beautiful! I love what you did with the staircase! And I know what you mean about decorating. What I had for my old house was just enough, now I know I need to buy more. I don't have a money tree sooooo... I have decided to focus on the tree this year. I had a 6ft and am going to buy a 7 1/2ft this weekend. I have my eye on one from Garden Ridge. So my mom and I will be making the rounds this weekend. Homegoods, Kirklands, Hobby Lobby, Garden Ridge here we come! My goal is to decorate BEFORE thanksgiving this year. We will see. The paint looks nice too.

    DB - pittsburgh

    1. OMG first trip ever today to Hobby Lobby, I was a BAD girl!! Keep me outta that store, oh my goodness!!
      I bought some cool stuff for the house, spend more money that I wanted of course. That's it, I'm cut off till XMAS, I forget my money tree somewhere, I just can't find it! hehehehe

    2. well when you find it could I have seeds from it so I can grow one! :-). Isn't Hobby Lobby great?! I am sooo glad you were finally able to go and it wasn't closed. I have a budget for this weekend and I am going to try my best to stick to it.


  4. Love love love your upper hallway soooo beautiful and all the swag down the railing!! Great job on xmas decor... We are trying to get ours up next week!!

  5. We had red accent walls in our old living/family room and I absolutely loved them! They made every bit of art pop. We are doing red in our office in the new house :)

  6. Everything looks great! Its good to see I am not the only one starting early this year. I left my harvest decorations in the dining room but took everything else down and started Christmas other places. lol
    And for the red…Well, I am sure you have seen my morning room picture by now so of course my vote is yes, yes, yes!